Tori Arrives at the Missionary Training Center (Provo, UT)

This is my first time writing an email at the MTC and I hope that I can say all that I need to say with the limited time I have to say it. I’m just going to tell you all that I’ve been up to these past few days! So, after I left the airport with sister MacArthur, I felt I would’ve been crying my eyes out if she wasn’t there because I’d be alone to think about what I was actually doing. It didn’t even hit me on the airplane that I was actually going on a mission! I still can’t believe I’m doing my dream of serving the Lord for a year and a half. Is it really here? Am I really on a mission?  We caught our ride to the MTC with four other brand new missionaries and the car ride was talkative but then would get quiet because I think we all just didn’t know what to expect.

I recieved a new ID card and my key for my room and then all us missionaries went to a room with about 40 other new missionaries to recieve some information. We all introduced ourselves and as I looked around the room I could see faces of excitement, faces of nervousness, and some faces that looked like they already missed home a lot. I felt calm and at peace and followed our guide as they showed us the cafeteria where we’d be eating. I then saw another familiar face in the cafeteria, Melanie, Sister Walker who I met at BYU-Idaho. My roommate was her bestfriend my 3rd semester in the Fall 2012.   After eating dinner, and I went to my new room and then went to my new Japanese classroom. I met my roommates and my new companion! Sister Morrison is the best companion! She always has a smile on her face and she has quiet dignity. I notice so many of her strengths and she gives love to everyone.

I found out in Orientation the first day that 900 new missionaries arrived this Wednesday!!! That’s a record! Wow, so many worthy elders and sisters striving to be the Lord’s servants. I’m going to be honest, the first two days here was totemo muzukashi! That means “very hard” in Japanese. It was in Japanese class the first day when all of us in the classroom (my district) couldn’t understand what the sensei (teacher) was saying. Sister Watanabe is our teacher and she’s a young 24 year old who served in Japan. I felt very lost the first day, as we all did. The second day we found out that we’d be teaching our first investigator in Japanese Friday!! That was yesterday and let’s just say… sister Morrison and I did our best haha. It was so funny because when we met Onagasan, that’s his name in Japanese, we had our lesson all written out in Japanese so we were constantly reading from our paper. Because we had to rush from Dinner to the Lesson we forgot to grab our scriptures. When we tried to introduce the Book of Mormon and didn’t have one, I grabbed one from the shelf in the classroom we were in. We were happily trying to testify of the Book of Mormon in Japanese and then Onagasan shyly said looking down “I don’t read Chinese…” I embarrasingly looked at the Book and sure enough it was in Chinese haha! Sister Morrison and I just laughed. It was pretty funny. I learned during that first experience how much I need to diligently study the language. I’m trying my best to pray in Japanese and testify. A lot of the studying is on our own so we have to just go by the Spirit. I have had a few times where Sister Morrison and I feel very lost, frustrated and confused. But then we say a prayer and pray to Heavenly Father for guidance. I’ve been reminded these past few days of how much I need to rely on the lord and trust whole heartedly in Him.

Well my time’s already up! I wish I could tell you more!

You are in my Japanese prayers!
Butler Shimai (Sister Butler in Japanese)

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