July 20, 2013

MTC Life
Family & Friends,
Our District is counting down the days of when we’ll be flying to Japan. When first coming to the MTC I had no idea I’d be here for 9 weeks, but I have been loving every moment and realize what a blessing it is to be with the current army of God.
This past week has brought many learning experiences. I usually have my journal with me to remember and share things that happened through out the week, but I didn’t have time to grab it before coming to the comuter. So, I will just rely on my memory and hopefully there is something I share that will be meaningful to someone.
This week felt the most productive with class time. Usually Watanabe Sensei has us review any Japanese grammar we feel we need help on for language review, but this time we all got in a line of chairs facing another person from our district and had 5 minutes to teach a principle of the Gospel in Japanese and then we’d move down a chair and have the next person teach us. I’ve been learning that teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t telling someone about Christ, it’s showing them Christ, through asking them inspired questions to help them understand the importance of their relationship to Him. I have felt that my Japanese has been improving and I love reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese, even if I can’t understand the context with out looking at my English Scriptures. One time this week, when sister Morrison and I went outside to have language study, I decided I want to try and memorize D&C 4 in English and Japanese. By starting the study with prayer, I could feel as I was memorizing those special verses my mind was clear and I was understanding the Japanese. That is a simple experience, but I have been learning the Lord will help us with whatever we desire, when we ask in sincere prayer.
I got the sweetest letter this week from two little girls. Ellie and Audrie from the CTR 6 in our ward class drew me some pictures. Ellie asked me with the cutest 6 year old hand writing, “Hi sister missionary. What is your name. And what do you do?”. I laughed because of how cute it was and then pondered on that innocent question. That little girl Ellie taught me something. The Lord says through out the Scriptures how He loves little children because of their humility and goodness. He counsels us to become as a little child (3 Nephi 9:22). Ellie asked me what I do and that made me think about what I am doing. I am simply telling helping others understand the love of Jesus Christ so they can change and become as a little child, by being humble and willing to follow Him. I’ve thought about Ellie’s question multiple times.
Wednesday, hosting day was so fun!!! I saw 5 people I know and it was so refreshing to see a familiar face. I saw my friend Jenny Riding who was an EFY counselor with me last summer. I saw Suzanna, Anne Staples, and Audreigh from Jerusalem! Anne is right across from my Japanese class because she’s going to Tokyo mission. I saw my friend Marissa from Eugene Singles ward. Friends at the MTC is a motivator for sure, because they help remind you of why you’re here.
There’s so much more I want to say but sister Morrison and I promised our District we’d go read scriptures out on the grass together before Dinner. I forgot to mention I have two new investigators, who are Sister Tuttle and Elder Bodily playing different investigators. We all get to play a different role. It’s been neat seeing how much I learn from playing the role of being taught by the missionaries.
I  love you all and I am so grateful for your prayers. I am reminded each day of the amazing people that are in my life supporting me.
Sister Butler

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