July 27, 2013

Only One More Week at the MTC?
I am so excited to leave for Japan in a week! I think about the Japanese people I’ll meet every day and I can’t wait to meet my mission President and his wife, as well as my new trainer and Japanese ward. So it seems as if this past week has been full of so many “Japanese pump me ups”.
So every Saturday our district goes to TRC, where we meet real volunteers who are fluent in Japanese and we in companionships go in little rooms to share a 20 minute lesson with them. This is never a prepared lesson, Sister Morrison and I just pray before that we can know the individuals needs and teach by the Spirit. I’ve loved TRC and learned so much. This past Saturday sister Morrison and I met a lady named Yogi, she said, “like yogi bear” haha we laughed. She was such a nice Japanese lady and told us she was a convert. As we were teaching I felt prompted to ask if she had a friend who needed the Gospel in her life. Yogi sad yes, and then I invtied Yogi to share an inspired scripture with this friend and her testimony. She said, “Thank you so much, I will”. She told me that’s exactly what she needed. I felt the Spirit guiding that lesson. The next room we went to was a young married couple who were American and both served their missions in Japan. Brother and Sister Powell. As we talked with them we found that they were both 3 months a long with a little girl on the way. I was so excited for them. I at first had no idea what I should share with them, but then I felt impressed to just start talking about my day. That went to talking about how usually I would go to the Temple on Saturday’s but it’s closed. Then I felt impressed to ask the question, “Brother and sister Powell, how will you prepare to teach your daughter about the importance of the Temple?”. Brother Powell’s eyebrow’s went up and then after a few moments of silence said, “Wow my wife and I teach primary, little 3 year olds, and your question is exactly what we’re teaching the primary children tomorrow.” After they shared their testimonies of the Temple, then I felt I should talk about the importance of FHE. They said that’s something they’ve felt they needed to work on, so I invited them to have FHE every monday so they can prepare now for their future family. They told sister Morrsion and I thank you. I loved that TRC day, not because I could understand Japanese and speak, but because I could understand the persons needs and help them.
So every Sunday before Church, our MTC branch president, President Johnson, has our branch prepare talks all in Japanese that we might be called on to speak. Two speakers are randomly called on right after the Sacrament and no one ever knows who will be speaking. So I had a feeling that I would be called on, and as soon as the Sacrament ended and brother Waits stood up to call on two missionaries I knew right then and there sister Butler would be said. I was right! I prayed walking up to the stand that I could speak from my heart and be able to speak the language. I didn’t look at my notes once and I could feel the Spirit as I spoke Japanese. I know the Lord helped me that whole talk. I don’t remember all I said, but after many missionaries told me they were inspired to learn the language more diligently. It was a humbling experience and got me even more excited to go to Japan.
Next pump me up experience! So usually we go to the TRC on Saturday’s, but since going to Japan is coming closer, instead this week we went to go Skype! Sister Morrison and I skyped with a 31 year old man named Ando san living in Japan on Hokaido island. He was so nice and I could understand him and speak with him. We were sharing a scripture then I felt I should ask what his hobbies are, he said “Cello!”. I got so excited! I said please play for us! He brought out his cello and over skype sister Morrison and I listened to Ando san play the best cello piece I’d ever heard. It gave me even a deeper desire to learn how to play the cello. Someday 🙂
I wish I  could share so many more experiences but I have so little time. I have learned this week about how important it is to have FUN. People who meet missionaries for the first time probably see as super serious and only talk about spiritual things 24/7. These past few days I’ve learned that it’s a good thing to have fun and be happy. Somehow a rumor went around I can beat box and next thing I knew last night missionaries from our branch going to the Sapporro mission came in our class room during planning last night asking if I would beatbox. Thoughts went rushing through my head, “Is this missionary appropriate?!”. I did a little bit and we all laughed and I then felt so happy and love for these missionaries. Not because I beat boxed for them, because they were smiling and happy and we could all have fun together.
I love you all and pray for you every day. Thank you for your prayers and love. This will be my best week yet at the MTC, get ready Japan 44 of us missionaries are coming your way SOON!!!
Sister Butler

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