September 1, 2013

Life in Akita as a Missionary
Akita is cooling down and the weather is turning to be more rainy and cooler. This past week sister Stevenson and I rode our bikes to a few less active members houses to go see if we could give any service. No one was home. That has happened a lot where we’ll bike across the city to find they’re not home, then we turn around and come back. There’s one less active family that we did end up meeting! Sister Chigusa and her two daughters Momo and Mei. I helped Momo with her English speech because she was going to be in a English speech contest. So was another girl from the Branch named Natsumi. I helped them both with their English pronounciation and then we went to their contest on Saturday. Natsumi ended up winning the contest! I was so happy for her. 
Eikawa, English class, this past Wedensday was a blast! The best one yet! The elders made it super exciting and we had new students! There were about 12 students this time! Sister Stevenson and my new investigator, Natsuko, brought her little 10 year old brother and her 6 year old niece. They will come every week! 
Natsuko chyan is progressing as our investigator. She is 15 years old and I see the desire in her. I am still trying to always become a better teacher. The Japanese language is hard!!! But I know with patience I can do it. The Lord will help me.
We had three other sister Missionaries travel from Aomori to Akita. We did splits, where I switched companions for a day. I was with the sister training leader sister Yoshikawa! She has been on her mission for a little over a year. She is so great! I learned a lot from her. She is so natural at sharing the Gospel with others and we found two people who were interested in our message. 
There are so many things I learned this past week. Sister Stevenson and I had a lot of struggles this past week. I make her frustrated very easily when I don’t understand Japanese and it’s been a battle for the both of us. I had a neat experience though that I want to share. So I have been feeling distant from my companion sister Stevenson and it really has effected everything. It’s hard to be upbeat and happy when the other person is not. I tried many times through out the week to see what was wrong and there was never a response. Finally on Saturday right after a lesson with Natsuko chyan, I asked sister Stevenson what was wrong. She broke down and began to cry. I immediately felt this love for her that I had not felt before. Many times through out the week I had prayed to love sister Stevenson, even when I wasn’t getting any love in return. As she cried I started to cry and felt this compassion for her. I realized she was not mad at me but did not feel like she was a good trainer. She felt discouraged and felt like I was doing so good and she wasn’t. I reassured her what a great missionary she is. It was such a good experience. I know that every day I need to serve her.
I wish I had more time to say so much more! Just know that I am so grateful to be a missionary and I love the Lord.
Sister Butler



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