September 8, 2013

Life In Akita!
We had a BBQ on Saturday that us missionaries put together for investigators and less active members. Our ward mission leader made his famous burgers and everyone loved it. I was scrambling to try and think of last minute games we could play with the 6 that showed up. Us missionaries didn`t have time to come up with activities so I quickly thought of a few. I felt bad the 6 that came looked confused for the first little bit and then it ended up being fun. We had a few younger girls and a few older men. In America playing musical chairs would be thought of as lame, haha but we played it! It was fun! I love how Japanese people are up for anything. If Americans think it`s fun, it`s fun for them hah!
We had a lesson Wedensday with Natsuko chyan the 15 year old girl and this has been my favorite lesson. She knew nothing about Jesus Christ so we read a few scriptures in Mosiah 3 together and then showed her the movie `Finding Faith in Christ` DVD. The Spirit was so strong and I felt my Savior`s love. I felt that she felt the Spirit too. I asked her at the end of the lesson if she believed Jesus Christ really is real and the movie is true. She said yes. I invited her to say the closing prayer after we gave her the commitment to read a pamphlet and the Book of Mormon. She said such a beautiful prayer saying `Thank you Heavenly Father for this video, I know now that Jesus Christ is true.` I felt the Spirit witness to me of this sweet girls goodness.
I love the Japanese people and learning from them. They show so much respect. I do notice the difference in showing affection and I always want to hug the sister members but they always shake hands, even with each other. This past weekend my mission President and his wife, President and sister Rasmussen came for the weekend. They spoke to the members at Church on Sunday.  I was able to talk with sister Rasmussen and get to know her. She is so kind, but a little quiet because she doesn’t speak any Japanese. I feel so much for her, because she really wants to serve the people but she can’t communicate with them. I know how she feels. You really do tend to hide inside and be quiet because you don’t want to say anything wrong so you just don’t talk at all. But I’ve learned that I can still smile and laugh and try and speak with others. She expressed to me how it’s been very hard for her. I almost started getting emotional because I felt all this compassion for her and know she does so much and gets little in return. They travel every week to a different area in the Sendai mission and the whole time sister Rasmussen mostly just keeps quiet because she can’t speak Japanese. I wrote her a letter telling her how much we missionaries love and appreciate her and gave it to her right before they were heading back for Sendai. She said she would treasure it.  We talked about how Japanese culture isn`t very huggy. I am trying to hug the siste members and it’s funny their reaction, but I think it`s a good thing. This week is Zone Conference in Morioka with President and sister Rasmussen on Friday. I`m excited to go see our zone! Sister Johnson from Eugene Stake is happy and I`m excited to see her again!
Thank you for your love and prayers! LOVING JAPAN! Please pray for these people. Through prayer, miracles happen.
Sister Butler

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