September 23, 2013

Missionary Life in Japan Land!

I am officially done with my first transfer as a missionary! Transfers are every 6 weeks, but since I am being trained I will be done with training after another 6 weeks. We have a new missionary in the branch and our friend elder Bailey is now in a different city. This new missionary elder Rasmussen came in looking confused and nervous and I know exactly how he feels. He will be a great missionary and I am excited to serve with him.
This past week many great things happened! Our Zone goal is to have a new investigator every week, and guess what! We found a new investigator this past week! I was handing out Eikawa flyers for english class and went up to talk to a young 18 year old boy. He was wearing a sick mask so I could only see his eyes. Every Japanese person wears a sick mask even if it’s just barely a cold. It’s the normal thing here. Anyways I began to get to know him a little bit and his religious background. He told me he listens to Christian music and I was so surprised. He knows about Jesus Christ from listening to this music but doesn’t really know anything else. I asked him how he feels when he listens to this music and he said he has a good feeling inside. I told him that that feeling is the Holy Ghost testifying to him the message is true. We talked about the Holy Ghost and the Book of Mormon. We talked there on the street for 20 minutes meanwhile sister Stevenson and the other missionaries were passing out flyers. This boys name is Ishida.After I gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and got his phone number we parted our ways. Over texting we gave him commitments to read certain things and he said he read Moroni 10:3-5 and had a good feeling. He said he wanted to come to Church and learn more! We were so excited!
Meanwhile, we were going to other appointments through out the week. We have been going to this old lady named Yukiebachyan’s house every week or so. Her son is a convert of 6 years, and she doesn’t have so much interest in the Church but we still visit her. She is 85 and the sweetest, funniest little Japanese grandma I ever did see! She always feeds us and I love her laugh. We never really get to teach her but hopefully we can keep serving her and teach her more about Jesus Christ.
We had a super fun activity for Eikawa Saturday!!! It was a SMORES Campfire night! We had many people come and went to this park to do the activity. We played games and ate smores. I think everyone had fun. Ishida came, our new investigator. The day before, on Friday he had thought the activity was that day and waited at the train station for 45 minutes! We went to find him and went to the Church to have a lesson outside. Unexpectadley sister Piedad from the ward drove up because she was dropping her daughter off at Seminary. Sister Piedad and her daughter Natsumi chyan had a joint lesson with us, what a tender mercy! Ishida san learned how to pray and said the closing prayer. We invited him to pray that night. This is my favorite part! The next morning sister Stevenson and I had a text that was from Ishida san. It said, “I prayed! I feel the power of Christ”. Right there at 6:30am we were jumping up and down so happy! We have a lesson with him Thursday this week with the elders. He will become their new investigator since us sisters can’t teach him. Please pray Ishida san can come to know this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and be baptized.
Planning activities have been fun. We have our next activity this Saturday for Akita branch FHE. It’s going to be a movie night in the Church and we’ll have popcorn and watch “The Testaments”. I hope and pray many can come and invite friends.
The Lord always places people in our paths to serve and lift. I am so grateful to be the Lord’s missionary and proclaim His Gospel. Often times I feel weak and I need to be a better missionary; more diligent and hard working. But I am learning that when I turn to prayer and the Book of Mormon I am strengthened and reminded of my purpose.
Much love Thinking of you all the way from Japan! Thank you for your prayers, I need them! This work is a joyful work! It is the Lord’s work.
Sister Butler

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