October 14, 2014

Hello Eugene 3rd Ward! I love you! Do you know how amazing you are! Serving a mission in Japan is my dream come true and I am so happy to be a missionary!
 I watched General Conference on Saturday and Sunday and absolutely loved it! I was praying and fasting to be able to receive answers to personal concerns. I know that they were given through these talks. I took many notes and it was so fun watching conference. Us 7 missionaries were in one room for English and the members and sister Stevenson and Nakaima were in the main room for Japanese. I loved Elder Holland’s talk. I felt the Spirit powerfully through his talk. I also loved President Monson’s talk and felt the Spirit as he talked of giving his old sunday school teacher a Priesthood blessing. Isn’t conference wonderful!?
This past week many great things happened. I love teaching English each week, and it’s a great way to be able to serve the community. The students are so fun. This past week all of us 9 missionaries in this one tiny branch came together to make all the decorations for this upcoming Halloween party we’re having on Saturday. Our goal is to have 50 people come, and 20 of them to be nonmembers. I know we can do it!

I have to tell you about a miracle! I was fasting all day Saturday watching during General Conference so that I would be able to gain answers to personal questions and that sister Stevenson and I would be able to find someone before the week was over. I knew that the Lord would place someone in our path if we diligently looked and opened our mouths. Sunday, after the inspiring words of Conference I was inspired and had an even greater determination to find that person who would be placed in our path. We returned to our apartment and sister Stevenson and sister Nakaima wanted to take pictures outside for the Christmas slideshow. I thought it would be a 15 minute thing but it was about 2 hours and I defintetly felt like there was much wasted time. Especially because I had been praying we would be able to find someone during that time. A boy walked passed us on the road in front of our apartment and I said hi. It seems everyone was shy to talk to him and I immediately regreted not talking to him as he passed on. I had a prompting to talk to him and I didn’t follow that prompting. I said a silent prayer that we would still be able to find someone, and that an opportunity would be given. Twenty minutes later that same boy had walked all the way back and immediately as I looked up to see him I felt the Spirit and knew that Heavenly Father had answered my prayer. He asked us who we were and we told him we were taking pictures with the BOM. We invited him to take pictures with us. He agreed and was so friendly. There was a special light about this 19 year old boy. I desired to share the message we had and we gave him a BOM. Sister Nakaima and Stevenson often when together will talk about many things with people we meet except the Gospel and it’s been hard to know when to come in the conversation. We got his number and I pray we’ll see him again.I know Heavenly Father answered my prayer, and he must’ve felt prompted to come back and talk to us. This may be a small miracle to some, but it was a big miracle to me.
Thank you for all your love and prayers,
Sister Butler

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