October 6, 2013

This past week we had a lesson with our investigator Sato san. She met us at the Church and we had a joint lesson with a member sister Usami. We talked a little before to see how she was doing and then said a prayer. Right after the prayer I noticed she was getting teary. She began to cry and I felt like we needed to ask her how she was feeling. It seems the Japanese culture gets very uncomfortable with emotion. I noticed sister Usami and sister Stevenson looking like they didn`t know what to do, but I wanted to just hug Sato san. I asked her how she was feeling and she poured out all her feelings, with me only being able to understand maybe 5%. I did understand though that she feels alone at this time with her husband in the hospital every day and her sons at college in Tokyo. She is alone every night, eating dinner by herself. Tears began to fill my eyes as I felt so much love for her. We all shared scriptures with her of comfort and sister Usami shared her testimony about the Savior. It was a completely different lesson than we planned, but I`m so grateful we were able to comfort her. The next day we rode our bikes to her house and dropped off some Jello cups we got from the store. I pray she will pray and continue to read the Book of Mormon.
We had a zone meeting this week in Morioka! All us 26 missionaries got together and talked about our goal for finding 1 new investigator every week. We are all trying to work hard to keep our vision. It was fun being will all the missionaries and meeting the new missionaries. There is one elder who is brand new and has amazing musical talent. He made up a song on the piano called, `One Heart One Mind` and sang about us being of one heart and one mind as missionaries to bring others unto Christ. The Spirit filled the room as we were all touched with new motivation to work harder as a zone.
The next day it seemed the Lord just poured all these blessings on us! One of the members, sister Piedad from Columbia invited us missionaries to lunch! We went and celebrated another members birthday at his house and it was so fun. The members here are so kind and giving. Yesterday at Church we were given all these bags of food. Service is flooding in Akita branch, it`s so amazing! My favortie experience this week was learning that Ishida san, who I found on the street, has a baptismal date! He will be baptized October 26 and we are all so excited for him! He is only 18 and is so willing to follow Christ! I am so grateful for this young boys example. Ishida has strengthened me.
One more humbling experience that happened this week was our kind Branch Presdident Sato rented a car just so he could take all of us missionaries to a farther city to do missionary work. He took us to this open campus and we met many young college students. Then we went to this garden to eat lunch. We still hadn`t found anyone yet and President Sato walked over to talk to a little family, a mom and her two daughters and mother. I knew President Sato was prompted to talk to them. Us missionaries follwed and while talking to this mother we found out many things. She said that her husband passed away last year and she was just told by her doctor she has only 3 more months to live because of her Luekemia. As I listened to this courageous mother`s story she began to weep talking of how her two little girls are her hope and she is just doing all she can now to give her love to them before she goes. Us sister missionaries stood there and started to cry with her. I testified to her that God loves her and death is not the end. I shared Alma 40:11-12 from the Book of Mormon with her. I gave her the BOM and my number and she said thank you. It was truly humbling. I pray she will call us.
The Lord loves us all and He is with us. I love the Lord and desire to be more like him. I can`t wait to listen to General Conference next week with the members. I know President Monson is our true prophet today.
Sister Butler

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