November 4, 2013

Life in Akita as a Trainer!
I LOVE my new companion sister Iwahashi!!!
I took a bus to Sendai with my trainer sister Stevenson and then met a whole group of missionaries in the Sendai train station. I would be with one of the sisters for just one day until I met my new companion at the next days new missionary meeting. I saw elder Bodily, elder Sorenson, elder Malmrose, sister Hanecamp, and my new roomie in Akita sister Tuttle! It was so fun seeing my MTC District family! Elder Bodily looked older and something had changed about him. He looked more spiritually mature and as I felt so much joy seeing these missionaries I thought of Alma 17:2 “Alma did rejoice exceedingly to see his bretheren; and what added more to his joy, they were still his bretheren in the Lord; yea they had waxed strong in the knowledge of the truth; for they were men of sound understanding and they had searched the scriptures diligently, that they might know the word of God.“
I said goodbye to my trainer sister Stevenson and I felt like things were okay between us because we were moving onto to great things ahead in our new areas. She gave me a quick hug and I went off with sister…I feel bad I can`t remember her name, but she`s Japanese and was so sweet and fun! We went to our Trainers Training meeting with all the new Trainers of the Sendai mission and it was so fun! There wasn`t a whole lot of instruction other than the basics. I realized the importance of relying on the Spirit as a trainer and just loving my companion. The next day I was late to the new missionaries meeting! The sister I was with and I got the time wrong and it was pretty embarrassing being late and seeing President Rasmussen standing outside the Church waiting for us as we were running. I thought, “Oh no! What will my new companion think of her new trainer not being on time?!“. I walked in the room full of trainers and new missionaries and there she was! My new companion Sister Iwahashi! The cutest, sweetest little missionary I ever did see! She looked a little nervous but really happy! I had already had a feeling of peace and so I knew that she would be an amazing missionary. Right from the start I could feel her love and how she is truly the sweetest girl I`ve met. I am so grateful to be her Trainer.
From the beginning after leaving that meeting I had a goal to show her that we are going to talk to as many people as we could these next 3 months. We went to go to a store to buy snacks for the 3 hour bus ride back to Akita and I gave a “I`m a Mormon“ card to the cashier lady. After we left the store sister Iwahashi looked so happy and said in English “Okay I learnd!!“. From then on she has been a fire ball wanting to talk to everyone! We have been so busy these past 5 days and I am so proud of my new companion. She is obedient and truly loves the Lord. She sincerely cares about our investigators needs and loves them.
MIRACLE OF THE WEEK! Our Sendai Missions` goal is to find ONE NEW INVESTIGATOR every week. We found a new investigator Thursday!!! Her name is Kana and she is 16 years old. She goes to Catholic high school. We taught her first lesson on Thursday and will teach her again on Wednesday. Our first lesson with her on Thursday was the best lesson I`ve ever had on my mission so far. ONE: Because the Spirit was in our lesson. TWO: Because there is love in sister Iwahashi and I companionship! We had Kana say a kneeling prayer at the end of the lesson, something I always wanted our investigators to do before but my trainer thought kneeeling was silly. The spirit was there as Kana prayed and sister Iwahashi had tears in her eyes. After the lesson and Kana left the Church, sister Iwahashi and I talked about how the lesson went. We both got emotional together and talked about how amazing the experience we had with Kana was. Sister Iwahashi is so spiritual and is truly a missionary. I love her so much! We`ve already seen miracles together and it hasn`t even been a week. I know that us two can find many new investigators and I know we can see a baptism. Through our faith and hard work I know the Lord will guide us to those prepared for this Gospel. Sister Iwahashi is so fun too! We laugh all the time together. There is such a different feeling in our apartment now because sister Tuttle and sister Nakaima have an awesome companionship too, so I believe the Spirit is in our apartment.
Sister Iwahashi and I found a referral from one of the members that we will visit this week. We found a lady that came to talk to us outside her house, very rare, and she said we could come back to visit her. We went back there tody but she didn`t answer. We will go back again this week. I feel like my Japanese is improving quickly because sister Iwahashi always compliments me and helps correct my Japanese, something my trainer never did. Sister Iwahashi builds up my confidence and I`ve had times were I`ll just talk in Japanese and then pause and think `Whoa, I just said all that in Japanese`.
Our investigator Sato san`s husband just passed away on the 27th. This is the investigator who`s husband had cancer and she is feeling very alone and sad. Sister Iwahashi and I both cried when we found this out and called Sato san to tell her we love her and she`s not alone. Listening to Sat san softly cry on the phone was heartbreaking. Can you imagine living alone because your spouse just passed away. I know she`s feeling lost and alone. Sister Iwahashi and I are praying we can meet with her soon.
We just had Stake Conference this past Saturday and Sunday in Morioka with all different Branches in Morioka Zone and it was so wonderful. The focus was member missionary work and I felt the Spirit strongly. President Rasmussen and sister Rasmussen spoke and sister Rasmussen had sister Iwahashi and I speak to the sisters for a 5 minute message. We were asked to talk about how Young Womens blessed our life. During the Stake session all of us 34 missionaries in Morioka district sang “The Spirit of God“. I could see tears in some peoples eyes, it was powerful.
Sister Iwahashi and my goal this next week is to find a new investigator and invite someone to be baptized with a baptismal date! Kana is 16 and so we have to get her parents permission to continue the lessons. We are worried if her parents will let her or not because they are Buddhist and don`t have interest in our Church. Please pray for Kana that she can continue the lessons.
I love the Lord and I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon and feel Heavenly Father`s great love for me as I read.
Sister Butler

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