October 27, 2013

All us missionaries in Akita have been so excited to get the results to see if we’re being transferred or staying in Akita! Last night we all got calls from President Rasmussen. Us sisters were in our apartment and the phone rang, we all screamed and listened intently as President went one by one with our new assignments. Sister Nakaima was so sure she’d be leaving and sister Kirby wanted to stay in Akita. They got the opposite. Sister Stevenson will be going way down south to Iwaki. Then President Rasmussen said, “Okay sister Butler you ready?” I had a feeling all week that I would be staying in Akita but I wasn’t prepared when President said, “Sister Butler you will be a trainer in Akita”. WHAAAAAT?! I was shocked! As soon as he said I was trainer this feeling of peace came over me and I probably would be really stressed right now, but I know the Lord gave me a reassuring feeling of peace. President Rasmussen told me he had just met my new beans dad yesterday and talked to him because the dad was on a business trip. President wouldn’t tell me my new beans name but hinted that she’s JAPANESE!!! I will be training a Japanese brand new companion and I just finished training TODAY! I have never heard of anyone training after being trained other than the other Japanese companions. I know the Lord will be with me the whole journey to guide me because there’s no way I can do this with out him. Sister Nakaima and Stevenson were both crying last night and sister Kirby was sad to leave. My friend sister Tuttle from MTC District will replace sister Kirby in our apartment and be sister Nakaima’s companion! I love sister Tuttle, she was the one I felt closest with at the MTC.

I woke up this morning to the sun shining, which has been a while, and I had the biggest feeling of peace that things are going to be really great with my new companion. I am praying for her that she will feel peace too. Things will be so different, me being a trainer.  I wonder how our communication will be! I wonder if she knows any English at all. I feel so blessed to be with her, because I know she’ll help me learn Japanese even faster. I am still no where near good at the language, it’s really hard. But I feel this next 3 months training in Akita my Japanese will improve a lot.

I am so grateful to stay here in Akita with these wonderful members and my investigators, Chiemi, Yasuda, and Sato, who’s husband has cancer. I am praying that my new companion and I will be able to work hard to find new investigators, something sister Stevenson never really wanted to focus on. It’s going to be really cold this next November, December, and January! I am grateful I have sister Nakaima to help me when I won’t know how to buy a bus ticket or find my way on map because of the Kanji. If I was with out sister Nakaima I know things would be a lot harder. I know though that there will be some challenging times as a trainer, and probably pretty stressful but I’m excited!
Other exciting news! Ryujiro Ishida was baptized Saturday! I am so happy for him! Just one month ago I met him on the street and had a 40 minute conversation just him on the side walk. Sister Stevenson wouldn’t come over so I had to say as much as I could. I remember feeling the Spirit talking to him and saw a special light about him. I am grateful to stay in Akita and watch him grow in the Gospel. He received the Holy Ghost yesterday during Sacrament and the Priesthood after. I see him as a future missionary and I pray his family will be able to partake in the joys of the Gospel too.
This past week so many members fed us missionaries in their homes. The members here are incredible. I feel often that it’s hard to build a relationship and let them now how grateful I am when I can’t express it in the language, but I pray if I can show them how grateful I am through missionary work they will feel my love for them.
Tomorrow I will be taking a bus to Sendai and get trained as a trainer that night. Then Wednesday I go pick up my new BEAN! They’re called beans because…I don’t really know why…something with green beans haha.I feel like I should know that. It feels like just a few months ago I got picked up by my trainer…oh it was just a few months ago! I remember I was so excited to have a Japanese trainer that was so experienced and fluent in Japanese. I know I might have many weaknesses in this new sister’s eyes but I hope we can focus on each others strengths.
Well here’s to a new adventure as a trainer in Akita!
Sister Butler

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