November 17, 2013

Life in Akita 11.11 – 11. 17
WHAT A WEEK! Japan is beautiful this time of year. All of us missionaries drove with our Branch President, President Sato to another city to do some streeting and the hills of Japan are beautiful! We went to Katonodate, a beautiful famous little tourist area and tried to talk to many families. There were 5 girls visiting from Tokyo all dressed in beautiful kimonos and I took  picture with them.
   All of us missionaries in Morioka Zone had Zone Meeting this past Tuesday, but us 8 Akita missionaries had to catch the train Monday to stay over night. I had prayed that morning that sister Iwahashi and I would be able to see a miracle on the train and find someone to share our message with. From that prayer Heavenly Father quadrupled the blessings!!! We found 7 people on the train. Six high school girls all gave us their phone numbers and we took a picture with them. Then another girl named Mai gave us her number and we`re meeting with her Saturday! Prayer is real!!! God has always taught us that when we pray in faith, believing we`ll receive an answer, He will give us whatsoever thing we asked for. I know that is true because of my train experience and other countless experiences with prayer. I`ll share one experience that I had, but has nothing to do with my mission. I remember when I was 15 years old visiting my aunt Melanie`s and uncle Greg`s in Washington one summer and had an infected eye. It hurt really a lot and I just remember wishing that the pain would leave. I decided to go to the bathroom and say a personal prayer alone to aske the pain would leave. I prayed that my eye infection would leave. As soon as I ended my prayer, the pain completely left and never came back. I knew Heavenly Father had answered my prayer.
    This Wednesday`s English class was packed! The most students I think we`ve ever had. There were probably around 28! Us missionaries are trying to be more creative with getting more people to come to Eikawa. Sister Iwahashi and I were thinking about doing singing dendo! “Dendo“ is missionary work in Japanese. Christmas is Coming up and we want to sing Christmas carols when handing out english class flyers.
   This week we have a Thanksgiving Feast party! Our goal for the Halloween party was 50 people. Now our goal is 60 people for the Thanksgiving party. We will need a lot of faith and prayer to reach our goal. I know we can do it, with the Lord`s help we can do it.
   I have an amazing thing that happened this past week! Sister Iwahashi and I were going through our Area Book again looking at past investigators that had stopped taking the lessons. We both stopped on a past investigator named Ranmaru. He had only had 2 lessons about a year ago and then lost contact. We both felt we needed to go try to find his house. We rode our bikes about 15 minutes away and got to large complex buildings. We searched for a long time trying to find Ranmaru`s apartment and could not find it. I said “Well we tried…“. Then sister Iwahashi said, “Wait, we should try over here“. She wanted to go to a different building that wasn`t even on the map. I thought, “Why there? It`s not even the right spot“. But I followed her and we went over to a different building complex. We looked at the little mail boxes and sure enough there was Shutou Ranmaru`s name on the mail box. I knew sister Iwahashi was led by the Spirit. We found his Apartment and a bleach blond Japanese, 31 year old man opened the door. He looked very shy and was even shaking a little because I think he was nervous. We talked about the wonderful message we have to share with him and told Ranmaru of Christ`s love for him. It was almost as if he was waiting for the missionaries because he said he wanted to meet. The next day we had a lesson with one of the members and he said in that lesson he believes it was God`s guidance we came and found him again. He is epilepsy and is very shy. He can`t work because of his sickness and says he has no friends. His parents divorced when he was 12, and he never went to high school. During our lesson I felt Ranmaru hasn`t felt a lot of love in his life. We`ve had 3 lessons so far and he came to Church Sunday! Ranmaru is a miracle. We hope we can meet him again soon!
I love sister Iwahashi! We have so much fun together! We have picnics in our apartment for lunch! I love picnics on our little futons! We sing songs and laugh all day long! We talk about our life dreams and she strenghtens me every day. She is truly a blessing and I love her!
I love all my family and friends! I pray for all my friends around the world serving missions. I pray for my cousin Ben Coomer and Elyse Barnes serving a mission in Ukraine. I pray for Anna MacArthur serving in Tokyo Japan. I pray for all my 20 friends from Jerusalem Center Study abroad serving around the world. I pray for all my home ward missionaries serving missions! I love missionary work. This is the Lord`s work and it will press forward!

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