December 23, 2013

Today was amazing! All of us missionaries woke up at the crack of dawn 5:30am so that we could get picked up by 6:30am by our ward mission leader brother Checketts. He took us all snow hiking today in the mountains!! It was exactly in my element! I have missed doing outdoor activities other than walking and riding my bike! I`ve been craving outside hiking or sports for the whole time I`ve been in Japan. Once in a while basketball just wasn`t enough for my active playing energy! The snow in the mountains was picture perfect! We went sledding down huge hills and I laughed more than I have in a long time today watching all my friends, the other elders and sisters slide down the hill screaming. We had a huge snow ball fight and may or may not have ganged up on brother Checketts with a snow rage haha. It was so fun! Brother Checketts is the most outdoorsy, fun, and active 63 year old man I know! I want to be as active as him when I`m his age. It was the first time all of us missionaries got to go out and play with him and really get to know him better other than a Church setting.
  We all were EXHAUSTED by the end of 4 hours and headed back to the city to take change and get ready for a big performance. We all went to a little near by retirement home that sister Iwahashi and I had called to ask if we could go caroling. You should`ve seen the faces of the workers when we asked, I guess singing Christmas songs to elderly is really out of the ordinary in Japan. We all went and performed for 30 of the cutest little old Japanese people I`ve ever seen! Their faces really lit up and I was so grateful for the opportunity. We all sang in Japanese from our hymn books and had some of them sing a long too. After caroling sister Iwahashi and I went and brought our apartments groceries and then sister Iwahashi got to skype her parents!!! I love her parents, they are so sweet and humble! Just like their daughter! 40 minutes flew by waaay fast so now I`m preparing for that short time with my parents and Coomers! I`m so excited to see you my wonderful family!!!
There`s so much more to say but I don`t have any more time today. Tomorrow I get to email too, because since it`s Christmas week and I was so busy I emailed only an hour today and get to email another hour tomorrow!

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