January 5, 2014

I know this year is going to be the best year yet!
Mom and dad thank you so much for the emails! You both asked about my investigators. Right now sister Iwahashi and I have 6 investigators! Sato san will meet with us soon we are praying. Akaya (not Ichyan dad, but you were close haha we laughed when I read that to my companion), we have a lesson with her on Wednesday and she is progressing! Yasuda san is in her 30`s and is a single mother. She`s had many lessons but her faith isn`t as strong. We gave her the “Finding Fath in Christ“ DVD to watch so hopefully our next lesson this week she will feel her Savior`s love. Chiemi who is 19 is very distant since she`s had her new boyfriend. We are going to try to meet this week, but every time we call she rejects the call. Minerva, our recent investigator had her second lesson and said she felt the Spirit. She is Catholic though and goes there each week. We are praying she can read the BOM and receive an answer herself that iit is true.
    New Years was huge in JAPAN! We all went to a shrine and I took pictures. It was really fun. After the shrine President Rasmussen said all of us missionaries were to go back to our apartments and read all of 3 Nephi. I was so grateful to have time to ponder and study 3 Nephi! I learned so many things I hadn`t recognized before. Ever since that reading invitation I`ve noticed little differences in the week and in lessons. Sister Iwahashi and I seem to be bolder and I can feel the Spirit guiding the whole lesson. We had a lesson with a LA youth Juli Shindo on the importance of coming to Church and keeping baptismal convenants. It was a powerful lesson. Not because we taught the Doctrine and testified, but because we focussed the whole lesson on Juli and told her how special she is. It was all focussed on how important she is in God`s plan and instead of committing by saying “Will you come to Church?“ we said “What can we do to help you come to Church Juli?“. This 14 year old girl said that she has a desire to take the Sacrament now and will come to Sacrament meeting next week. This is something we`ve been praying for and I know her parents have been too.
We also had our first lesson with Piedad shimai`s husband who`s not a member. We went to their house Sunday evening and I could feel a little nervous before starting because I didn`t want him to feel pressure or uncomfortable. But as we talked to him and sang “Families can be together Forever“ with their family, and listened to the two young daughters testifmonies, I think it softened the father`s heart and he said that he`s been reading the BOM. The mother and two girls were so surprised, they had no idea their dad has been reading the BOM. We invited them to kneel and pray as a family every night together for one week. They said they would. I`m excited to follow up and see how that brought them closer together as a family.
I am sorry this letter is so short, I had not much time to write today. I love you so much and am so excited for this new year to see many miracles!!!

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