February 16, 2014

SNOWY AND COLD BUT oh so delightful!

This past week was crazy snowy! The snow went up to my thighs! It`s cold but I like the adventure. Bike riding ended a while ago and from here on probably a lot of walking and taking the bus and train. In Japan it`s a normal every day thing to use the train as transportation. I like talking to people on the train, but everyone`s so quiet and ALWAYS on their phones. I usually can only start conversations right away with those not technologically in tune, like cute little Japanese grandmas.
Sister Kanno and I are excited for Shion`s baptism on Saturday! We had an amazing lesson with her mom on Friday. Since her mom is supporting her daughter in getting baptized, I felt we should talk to her about Jesus Christ more. That lesson was so powerful. It wasn`t until Shizuka prayed that she really felt the Spirit and she started to cry as she prayed for the first time. Japanese people hide their emotions a lot and so that was surprising to me that she got emotional. I felt strongly to invite her to be baptized. She said that she wants to keep listening to the lessons but isn`t ready to be baptized. I had a strong feeling that through the lessons her desire will grow. We are watching “The Testaments“ with her tonight and Shion too.
Today we went to a big festival called “Enburi“.I have some pictures to show!! There were thousands of people!!!
It was a great week and lots of walking, which I like! Probably the only sister missionary in our apartment out of all the nihonjin (Japanese) who does.
Sister Butler

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