February 2, 2014

Hachinohe Miracles!!!
I am seeing many miracles in this amazing city! This past week sister Kanno and I had set goals to find a new investigator, set a baptism date for our 15 year old investigator Shion, and teach 6 lessons this week. With the help of the Lord and many prayers, we completed all of these goals!
  I am so happy for Shion!!! This past week at our District missionary meeting, all of us 8 missionaries had a goal of one baptism this month. I saw a lot of doubt, like the thought “Who will be baptized though?“. We set that goal though in faith.
   Saturday we had members from Misawa, the military base area, come down for a baptism. A little 8 year old girl was going to be baptized and their water pipes had broke. It was so fun seeing so many American families! About 40 of those members drove 40 minutes down to come support the little girl. Sister Kanno and I both felt Shion should come see this baptism, even if it was in English. After the Baptsim and we were all singing hims back in the Chapel, Shion told us that her mom said she can get baptized anytime. We were shocked! Before her mom said she wouldn`t be able to be baptized until she graduates from highschool. We had been praying that her mom`s mind would change, and lately her mom has been coming to the Church for Eikwaiwa classes and we even started teaching her and I can see her heart changing. There was also another past investigator that came to watch the Baptism. When she saw the little girl come out of the water she began to cry. She said she felt something and was so impressed. It was amazing to watch Maiko feel the Spirit and I pray she will be open to take the lessons again.
    From that amazing experience watching the baptism and hearing Shion say that her mom is open to her getting baptized sister Kanno and I decided that day that we would invite Shion in her next lesson to be baptized. We had set the date for March 1st. This is a miracle story!
We taught the lesson about baptism and then when we invited her to be baptized, the little 13 year old girl Maki who was also in our lesson said that`s the same day Koshi, a little boy ward member, is getting baptized. Sister Kanno and I froze! “What should we do??“ I thought of the week before but could see Shion thought that would be too soon. We invited her to be baptized the 22nd but she said, “What?? That`s so soon! I am not going to be ready that soon“. She said she has a big test coming up and really just doesn`t feel ready that soon. Sister Kanno and I sat in silence for a little while, then I had a prompting to invited her one more time for the 22nd again. I said, “Shion, I know you have a lot of doubts and maybe don`t feel ready yet. But this is not an invitation from us, it is an invitation from the Lord and He will help you. With the faith that you have, will you put your trust in the Lord and be baptized on February 22nd?“. She looked at her calendar and then began to cry. I thought, “Oh no I am making her cry!“. But then she said she felt the Spirit so strongly. I knew that Heavenly Father had helped comfort Shion to know that she can be ready by the 22nd. That lesson was powerful and I really felt that it was all the Spirit and not me at all. Her mom came to the Church after the lesson and we were a little hesitant to share the news about her daughter getting baptized but then another miracle! Her mom said she was happy and is excited to come see. We have a lesson with Shion tonight on the Word of Wisdom and at first it was just her, but she texted us saying that her mom asked if it`s okay if she comes too. I was amazed!!! I feel her mom will be baptized too, not sure when though, but pray soon!
   So we have a baptism, but it`s all been through the Lord! We have to really do our best to teach her all the commandment lessons by the 15th before Shion has her baptismal interview. Please pray for her and her mom!
    I know that prayer brings miracles! Ishida from Akita, who got baptized in October has decided to go on a mission!!! I had been praying for him and he told me before I left that he wants to go work as a chef in Tokyo at his really nice new job and probably won`t go on a mission. But he`s changed his mind! I am so happy for him!!!
Well there`s much more to say but I don`t have the time. I am so grateful to be here in Japan and I am so grateful for prayer!
Sister Tori Butler

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