February 9, 2014

Life in Hachinohe as a Missionary!
The area I`m in is pretty cold and it snowed like crazy last night! The whole river is frozen! All the Japanese sisters I`m living with aren`t huge fans of the snow, but I like playing in the snow! Sister Kanno and I walked 45 minutes to get to Church on Sunday. I thought of all the inspirational stories of dedicated members in poor countries walking miles and miles to make it to Church. Our walk isn`t so inspirational but it was humbling walking in the freezing cold with the wind blowing like crazy. My hair froze on the walk!
This past week we had 6 lessons! They were all with Shion! She is really progressing and is excited to get baptized February 22nd! I am so happy for her and pray her baptism can be an unforgettable experience for her. Sister Kanno and I have been planning for the Baptismal service and asking members to get involved. We want to make it special for Shion. I am so happy her mom can come to see her daughter baptized. I know it will be special for Shion`s mom to see her and maybe that will help her interest even grow more in taking the lessons.
I always feel like I have no time to write all my experiences. Sister Kanno and I went to eat a members house last night and the food is OH so GOOD! I ate bamboo and ramen and homemade Gyoza (pot stickers). I ate octopus and rice for breakfast! We eat dinner meals for breakfast, it`s kind of different. It`s not the normal cereal and milk.
That`s all I have time for! I know this is the Lord`s work! It is truly hastening!
Sister Tori Butler

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