March 2, 2014

This week was wonderful! Sister Kanno and I left our apartment at 5:45am Wednesday morning to catch the train to Aomori for Zone Conference. Elder Aoyagi of the 70 and his wife came! He is so kind and I got to personally talk to his wife during lunch. Elder Aoyagi shared many things and I know he shared exactly what I needed to hear.
   I`ve been praying very hard these past weeks because I feel like I need to be a better misisonary. I am not opening my mouth as much as I should to those who need this message. I`ll walk on the street and walk past so many people and I think for a long time first “should I talk to them?“. When I first got out in the field I wasn`t afraid at all. I am with Japanese sister missionaries and they are pretty shy when it comes to talk with others. I think I kind of fell into that same whole for a while. I was praying that I can open my mouth more. I am such an imperfect missionary and I am learning about my many flaws each day. Being on a mission is humbling.
   Elder Aoyagi shared his own experience from when he was a missionary. He said that he converted to the Church and then did all he could to go on a mission. His parents were Buddhist and very against it. But he prayed and the miracle came that his father allowed him to go. So he went! But the first few days he said how he was so shy to talk to people. He thought, “is this really a mission??“. He said that he cried many times and wondered why he was on a mission if he can`t open his mouth. Then he said as he prayed a voice came that said, “These are my beloved children, and you do not love them“. He said he was surprised and realized he did not have Christ-like love for these people.
   I am striving to continually grow in charity and love for others. But I learned from elder Aoyagi that day that I need to truly love these people more.
    Kanno shimai`s grandma made us all a feast at her house and It was so fun! I have a picture of it to show you!  [click the “link to Mission Photos” at the top of her blog page]
   I am so grateful to be a missionary!
Sister Butler

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