March 16, 2014

Zone Training Week

This past week was Zone Training, like we have every month. We went to Aomori and had a great training. I learned a lot and was spiritually filled. I was able to share my experience with inviting Shion to be baptized with the other missionaries as part of the Sister Training Leaders training. I felt the Spirit as I testified that it was me inviting her, but the Lord.

   Kanno shimai and I accomplished our goal of finding a new investigator this week! We had made a goal this week to hand out 2 Book of Mormon`s every day. From that goal, we saw a lot of success. We usually would just find one potential investigator a week, but this week we found four! I recognized little ways the Lord answered our prayers. One miracle I saw this week was finding our new investigator Nemoto san.
  It was late Tuesday evening and we only had 15 minutes left of housing. I knew we had made the goal to give 2 BOM`s every day and we still had one more to give! I said a prayer in my heart that Heavenly Father would place His prepared son or daughter in our path at our last housing apartments. I prayed knowing that He would answer my prayer. I felt a prompting to have a BOM in my hand instead of pulling it out of my bag if they had interest. So I held the BOM in my hand and knocked on the first two doors. No one came, but the third door someone came! He was a 40 year old man and as soon as he saw my BOM he said, “Ah Iesu sama“ which means, “Ah Jesus is here“. I could tell right away he was a sarcastic person, but he had interest in the BOM and I showed it to him. He said he believes in God and desires more happiness in his life. I was amazed! He had all sorts of questions and we talked for 30 minutes. We gave him the BOM and he said he would read it. We taught him how to pray and he said a prayer for the first time, praying for more happiness. Lastly he said, “God truly led you to me huh?“. I was so happy, I could cry! As we left I had a 100% assurance that Heavenly Father truly answered my prayer.
   We met with Nemoto san again on Saturday and he had lots more questions, but also concerns. In Japan, many people believe in their own gods. He said he would feel guilty leaving his god to believe in ours. We told him that we all have the same, one God, but he doesn`t feel the same way. He told us that he has interest in our Church but until he feels it`s true, he won`t come to our Church. I am praying he can have an open heart and feel the truth of our message from reading and praying about the BOM.
     I talked to many people this past week! After making the goal to give 2 BOM`s every day I put my faith into action more. It was an amazing week, and I felt I could sit down and say “this past week really did work hard.“ That was a good feeling. But what made it good was knowing it wasn`t me, it was truly the Spirit.
   Shion is going to the Temple in two weeks and we are continuing RC lessons with her! Her mom has a lesson with us this week on Plan of Salvation. Our investigator Izumiyama san sadly is distancing herself. She feels the Spirit every lesson and gets emotional, but won`t come to Church. We are praying she can have an open heart to see the joy of coming to Church.
   My favorite experience this week was a small and simple experience. It was at Church in Young Women`s with Shion chyan and 13 year old Maki chyan. Nakajima shimai taught about Faith in Jesus Christ. She showed a video from LDS youth site about a girl from a poor country who showed her faith in Christ. She had little money and couldn`t afford enough to take the bus to go to Church the next day and buy food. Her mom told her to go buy the food they needed and the Lord would provide. The girl went and all the money was spent, but she said a prayer that they would have enough money to go to Church the next day. She then reached in her back pocket there was a roll of money. She was stunned and knew God had answered her prayer. From watching this video I felt a powerful conviction of how much my Heavenly Father loves me. I knew in that moment any thing I ask for in faith, it will be given to me. We have a goal this week to find a new investigator. I know the Lord will bless us with finding this individual.
   I`m excited for a new week!
Sister Tori Butler     [see new pictures from Tori by clicking on her mission photos link (top right)]

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