March 9, 2014

Being a Missionary is Happiness
Or should I say, Kon`nichiwa!
Shion is progressing so much in the Gospel ever since she got baptized. Sister Kanno and I are teaching her new member lessons every week and teaching her mom once a week as well. Her mom`s last lesson went well, but she said that she has a hard time praying. We are praying that Shion`s mom can come to Church. She works every Saturday night until Sunday morning so it seems impossible to her, but I know God can make miracles happen. I believe if she can come to Church her heart will open even more.
  We had transfers last week but thankfully Kanno shimai and I are still companions in Hachinohe. Two of our beloved missionaries transferred and now there`s two new ones. They are so great! Kanno shimai and I taught Izumiyama san a lesson with Kanno shimai`s grandma as a joint. That whole lesson was by the Spirit. Izumiyama san`s heart is really opening up and we pray she can come to Church. She is afraid to come and we don`t know why but pray she can commit next lesson this week.
   I heard from Ishida from my last area Akita. He`s also doing really well since he`s been baptized and I get to send him a letter of encouragement. My high light from this week was doing a practice lesson with one of the members named Nakamura shimai. She is deaf and so the whole lesson was in sign language. I had a prompting we should ask her to do a practice lesson with us and it was so spiritual. She has the sweetest heart. I am so grateful to learn JSL.
  I am so grateful to be a missionary and have this opportunity to learn more about charity.
Sister Butler
Batora Shimai

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