March 23, 2014

Hachinohe week 9

This past week Kanno shimai and I taught Shion chyan and her mom and little brother. We had a training with Pres. and sister Rasmussen unexpectadley and at that training I asked president how Shion`s mom can progress towards Baptism. He wisely counseled to focus on the family. From that , we totally went by the Spirit in our lesson and focussed on them as a family. It went really well. I am so happy for Shion to go to the Temple for the first time! The 3 youth made a fund raiser in order to pay their way to travel to the Tokyo Temple. Shion is really excited. Kanno shimai and I helped a little with their fund raiser of making potato pattys. I don`t know what there called in English but there tasty!
I love studying the Scriptures and feeling the Spirit. I learn so much from the Scriptures. I love riding my bike! I say that a lot, but I really do! It makes me so happy, even if it`s in a blizzard or pouring down rain. Adventure is what makes it fun!
I had my best experience streeting this past week. I was on a split with the sister Training leader sister Lesumas from Hawaii and she is so wonderful! I felt so excited to go streeting and had a strong feeling we would find many prepared people together. It was the first time I never felt hesitant to talk to anyone. We both were smiling and talking to everyone on the street. It seemed everyone was happy and willing to talk to us! In the first 15 minutes we found 3 people that gave us their numbers! I learned an important lesson that day. It wasn`t the people`s attitudes that changed, it was mine! When I am full of faith and happy to talk to everyone, that`s when the miracles come. Faith brings miracles!
Spring began this week! But there`s still snow on the ground! It was sunny and beautiful today though.


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