April 6, 2014

Can`t Wait for General Conference!!!

This past week was Kanno shimai and I biked out 40 minutes to her grandparent s house to help her grandpa with their huge garden. We didn`t do much other than clean up some leaves and prepare the garden for next month. Her grandpa, Kunio, is being taught by the elders but lately Kanno shimai said she felt we should visit them more. It was really fun working outside and helping. I smashed clam shells into the dirt with this huge rock boulder. I was laughing as everyone was watching me and asked what it was for. I still don`t know why I smashed clam shells into the dirt but it was fun haha.
Kanno shimai and I go to Seminary every week to help support the 4 youth that attend, including Shion! She is growing so much in the Gospel, but still can only come to Church once a month because of her mom`s new rule.
    One tender mercy from this past week was ZTM! I had been prayerfully awaiting that meeting for guidance on many different things. I know that Kawamura choro and Furukawa choro, our Zone Training Leaders, were completely guided by the Spirit in what they prepared and as they presented.
We all read a talk, “Opening the Heavens“ by Elder Kikuchi of the Seventy. That is the exact talk I needed and I believe I have changed because of reading that talk. I hadn`t been so heartfelt and diligent with personal prayers and made them more rushed than sincere. I know every missionary goes through this. But after reading that talk I felt the Spirit whisper to me that I need to pause and remember my Heavenly Father and take time each morning and night to sincerely talk with Him. I have made the goal that I will do this the rest of my mission.
Kanno shimai and I are following Kawamura choro and Furukawa`s challenge to pray as a companionship each morning and night as well. We pray many times a day but now we pray before exercise in the morning and before we go to bed. It helps me remember the Lord in all things and I know it`s strengthening our companionship as well. Prayer is so powerful and truly conversation with our Heavenly Father. Kanno shimai is a special missionary and she shines. I learn from her each day and one of her many Christ-like attributes that I love about her is humility. She will sincerely compliment me sometimes, with more sincerity than I`ve seen before. She is honest with me. I love that she`s honest with me! She started to tell me if something bothers her and that taught me things I can change about myself and we both are coming closer to Christ.

This next week in preparation for General Conference, we are going to do our very best to go out and find those brothers and sisters who need these messages. I can`t stop thinking about Zone Training Meeting and how Heaven inspired that training was! We were all challenged to write down our specific daily plans during weekly so that we can just make back up plans when daily planning comes at 9pm. From that challenge, Kanno shimai and I made many appointments with LAs and members for Mogi`s. It really helped set the tone for us to accomplish our goals this next week.

   I never get enough time to tell all my fun stories but I am having a lot of fun every day! 
Sometimes the fun moments are embarrasing moments, like when I`m biking on the huge bridge with hundreds of cars zooming by and my skirt flies up! That definitely isn`t a rare thing.

March 30, 2014

I am sorry time is so short right now!

I am so happy for Shion! She went to the Temple for the first time in Tokyo on Friday and said it was an amazing experience. But she definitely is starting to get trials because her mom told her she`s becoming to involved with our Church and can only come to Church once a month. It really made Shion sad, but she is so strong and praying for her mom to have an open heart. We haven`t been teaching her mom lately because she`s been very tired with work and we don`t want to put to much pressure on her. Please pray for Shion and her mom. I know that through prayer, Shion`s mom can have a change of heart and accept this message too.
  I received an invitation by President to read the 4 Gospels from the Bible, Matt. Mark, Luke, John by April 20th for Easter. I am excited to do this each morning and learn even more about the Savior. I loved studying these 4 Gospels during my time in the Holy Land, but on my mission is a completely different feel because I feel like I am applying the things learned more.
   I have to go now! Sorry so short but I have to go Dendo (proselyte!) Time is up and people are waiting for this message! LOVE YOU!!!!