March 30, 2014

I am sorry time is so short right now!

I am so happy for Shion! She went to the Temple for the first time in Tokyo on Friday and said it was an amazing experience. But she definitely is starting to get trials because her mom told her she`s becoming to involved with our Church and can only come to Church once a month. It really made Shion sad, but she is so strong and praying for her mom to have an open heart. We haven`t been teaching her mom lately because she`s been very tired with work and we don`t want to put to much pressure on her. Please pray for Shion and her mom. I know that through prayer, Shion`s mom can have a change of heart and accept this message too.
  I received an invitation by President to read the 4 Gospels from the Bible, Matt. Mark, Luke, John by April 20th for Easter. I am excited to do this each morning and learn even more about the Savior. I loved studying these 4 Gospels during my time in the Holy Land, but on my mission is a completely different feel because I feel like I am applying the things learned more.
   I have to go now! Sorry so short but I have to go Dendo (proselyte!) Time is up and people are waiting for this message! LOVE YOU!!!!

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