April 21, 2014

It was a wonderful Easter!
I remembered all my experiences from reading my journal about last Easter in the Holy Land. Easter isn`t celebrated at all in Japan but it was still special personally. The members didn`t even mention Easter at Church, but maybe they forgot haha.
I attached a picture I took from my scriptures for Easter!  [see Tori’s Mission Photos link]
    On Friday all of us missionaries put together an Easter party for the members and to invite Eikwaiwa (English class) students and investigators and anyone who could come! We had 30 people come! We decorated eggs and Kanno shimai and I ran an egg hunt for the little kids. It was so fun! We also made crepes and had a little stand so everyone could put toppings on their crepes. At the beginning we explained the meaning of Easter being Jesus Christ`s Resurrection. It was an opportunity to share a spiritual message and also have everyone feel comfortable at the Church and have fun.
   This past week Kanno shimai and I followed up with Tanaka shimai who`s the member we did a mogi lesson with last week. We talked to her about setting up a time to meet her 17 year old, non-member, daughter. We ended up being able to ride our bikes to her house Tuesday and met Rina! She was a little shy but very sweet. We had planned to just get to know her, but felt prompted to share a spiritual message too. We taught her a little bit about her purpose in life and ended up giving her a Book of Mormon. Her mom was very nervous anytime we asked for her own testimony, but she still shared a great, simple testimony. Rina became our new investigator and we have another appointment with her today! We will share more aobut our and Heavenly Father`s relationship and read the Book of Mormon with her. I pray Rina can feel the Spirit from our message.
   I had an experience yesterday that taught me how much the Spirit is guiding us missionaries.
   Kanno shimai and I had been handing out Eikaiwa flyers on the street two weeks ago and I met a nice, young Japanese man around 26 years old. He was on a bike and I only talked to him about Eikwaiwa but had a feeling I should bring up the Gospel. The cross walk light signaled and he started to ride away. I thought, “UH I should`ve said more!“. I remember that Japanese young man had left an impression on me and I wish I would be able to see him again to share more about Jesus Christ.
Well, just yesterday, Kanno shimai and I were housing. It was about 7:30pm, after 2 hours of trying to find anyone who would be willing to listen to us. As we rode our bikes, I was looking around at different apartments and on my left I felt we should stop at a certain apartment complex. We parked our bikes and instead of just starting at the bottom to knock on doors I walked to the top, third floor and picked a random door that I had seen had it`s light on. All of the sudden the door opened and my eyes got big. The same Japanese guy I had met also looked shocked haha! We both just kept saying “Eh ehhh?!“. He was laughing as I kept saying, “This is crazy!“. We explained what we do as missionaries and he said he`d never though of the purpose of life. Even though we didn`t end up teaching a lesson or him committing to meet us again, I know the Spirit guided me to him. He said that he would probably come to Eikwaiwa if he has free time. He didn`t seem super interested in our message about the Gospel, but I felt so strongly he is a prepared person to hear the Gospel, even if he doesn`t realize it yet. As we walked down the stairs, I told Kanno shimai we should go back and leave our number and “I`m Mormon.org“ card. We slipped it through his mail post and then moved on to different doors. From that experience I know Heavenly Father knows each of us personally and loves us so much. Sometimes I don`t even realize how much the Lord is guiding me.
    I finished the goal President Rasmussen gave us missionaries to read the Four Gospels! I loved learning even more about the Savior. From that experience I want to do that commitment every Easter!
Shizuka came to the Eatser party and Shion brought a friend!! Shion is such a great missionary! She has brought two different friends to many activities!
I love you all!!!

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