April 28, 2014

Sakura Week!


This week has been fast! Every week gets faster and faster! Kanno shimai and I have been trying to be involved as much as we can with the members so that they can be involved with missionary work too. Sister Tanaka (who I wrote about last week) her daughter was our new investigator. We had a lesson with her on Monday and it was really great. We talked about Heavenly Father`s plan for her and read the Book of Mormon with her. She`s 17 years old so reading the Book of Mormon is really new to her. We want to meet again, but she said she`s busy with school and can`t meet till her test is over in June. We decided that she might not have a lot of interest right now and so she`s no longer our investigator. Shion`s mom also doesn`t really want to continue hearing lessons, so she is no longer an investigator either.
So right now Kanno shimai and I have no investigators. I never thought I`d have no investigators on my mission, but I know there are many prepared people waiting to hear this message and I just need to keep showing my faith in the Lord.
   Even though this past weeks numbers were low, Kanno shimai and I talked to a lot of people! I was really impressed with Kanno shimai this past week. Her confidence isn`t super high with talking to strangers and I`m usually the one to start any conversation. But this past week I noticed she really bore her testimony to everyone we met. I was so happy and told her what an awesome missionary she is. I love my companion!
    Shion has a lesson with us every week and she is really coming closer to Christ. Right when Kanno shimai and I arrived at our apartment at 9pm we got on our knees to pray and our phone buzzed. It was Shion telling us her favorite scripture she read and her testimony! That made me so happy!
   Kanno shimai and I prayerfully set the goal to find someone to set a baptismal date for May 31. There are a lot of faith-weakening words said by other missionaries, like “That`s not possible“ or “That`s never been done before, we can`t do that“. But I have seen so many miracles on my mission so far and I know with the Lord anything is possible. Luke 18:27
Please pray Kanno shimai and I can follow the Spirit this week. I am so grateful for all the prayers that are said for me. I feel my Heavenly Father`s love each time I remember all my loved ones. I feel my Heavenly Father`s love when I read the Book of Mormon. I know that the Lord is guiding me because this is HIS WORK.
Butler Shimai

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