June 15, 2014

I Love Morioka!!!


Hello Family and friends!

Morioka is so beautiful and green! It`s so similar to Eugene, but maybe even prettier! Being a Sister Training Leader is so fun! I traveled to my Bean area (first area) AKITA this past week!
I loved going on splits this past week with Sister Morgan in Akita and sister King here in Morioka!

Sister Morgan shared with me before the split that she wanted to work on seeing others for their potential and focusing on the positive. We went to meet an LA and her investigator, but both plans fell through and instead of her feeling down about it, she cheerfully said, “well let`s go housing“.
I loved that we could have fun together housing and we kept saying “There`s someone prepared here“. We didn`t get any contacts, but it was fun and I loved getting to know Morgan shimai.

While I was in Akita I saw a youth that was Less Active when I was in Akita. I would always try to talk to her and be her friend but she seemed so uninterested in anything related to “Church“. Well, when I met Rio Watanabe I was blown away! She has completely changed!
She had this light that just wasn`t quite there before. I asked her what had changed. She told me that she came to a point where she realized she needed to put Church first in her life. She quit her sports club that was on Sunday`s so she could come to Church. She started spending time with the missionaries more and now she is the strongest member missionary in Akita, inviting all her friends to activities! I learn when you love the youth, they will change!
I also saw my past investigator Natsuko! She is 16 years old and she`s the one that after a few weeks in Akita I saw her across the street and yelled “Hi, can you speak English?“ She ran over and said that she wanted to come to our Church right away. It was a miracle! Well we had taught her but her parents were against her taking the lessons so we had to stop. She had kind of gone down and didn`t seem so happy. But when I saw her this past week she was glowing!
I said, “Nastuko, you`re glowing! What changed?“. She had the biggest smile on her face. She told me that after I had left she had a lot of problems with her friends and was really negative. She said she saw others in a negative light and it made her unhappy. But the missionaries kept inviting her to everything and she saw how good they were and she decided to see others in a positive way. She also changed from love!
I learned so much this week that anyone who feels the Savior`s pure love will change. 
The Savior`s love is unconditional. “the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart“ 1 Samuel 16:7
The Lord does not see us as who we are now, but who we can become. We are all destined to become great! We are destined, as sons and daughters of God, to become like Him. In order to become more like the Savior we must learn more about him. It is every day, personal time that allows us to glimpse His pure love for us.

I also went on splits with King shimai, the American sister in my apartment. I love King Shimai!!!

She is so sweet and probably my closest friend so far on the mission. I can see us being life long friends.
The Split with King shimai was perhaps one of my favorite days so far on my mission!
Our plan to meet an LA Fujimura Hazuki shimai fell through and so our back up plan was going to go streeting. We saw a festival going on by the train station and started to talk to the people there and casually give Mormon.org cards.
King shimai and I realized we were focusing on talking to the young people, when there were so many families around us!
I told King shimai “I`ve been wanting to focus more on families“
Then she said, “I`m sure if we focused on finding a family, Heavenly Father would place someone in our path“.
I said,“Yes, He will“.
At that moment I looked next to King shimai at this young mother of two was walking our way. We turned around to talk to her and she right away said she wanted to become friends. She was with her little two year old girl, Uno, and pregnant, due next week!

She invited us to go with her to a festival in August. Her name`s Naoko san. Both King shimai and I looked at each other amazed that Heavenly Father had literally just answered our prayer. We told her we we`re missionaries and she seemed interested. Then all of the sudden Naoko san invited us to go dance with her in the middle of the professional dancers. She had been a dancer for 15 years and was friends with all of them. We got super excited and the next thing we knew we were doing Japanese traditional dancing with all these dancers in the middle of the festival!

It was so fun! King shimai and I had said we wanted to laugh that day, and it that goal was definitely achieved!

King shimai and I met so many people on our split and there was this one man that looked at our name tags and said he`d been looking for a Church. We gave him our information but he had to run off because he was late for something.
At the end of the day King shimai shared with me a quote that I loved, “Happiness is a habit, cultivate it!“

This morning during my personal study I read a talk on the Priestood from the Liahona. 
I loved this quote,
 “There is nothing in this world as personal, as nurturing or as life changing as the influence of a righteous woman“ Elder Ballard
I am so grateful to be in Japan and learning from these beautiful people. My companion is teaching me a lot too.
I love love love riding my bike!
Love you!
Sister Tori Butler

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