June 9, 2014

Missionary Work!


 I love my new area Morioka! It’s in Iwate prefecture. It’s so beautiful and green! There’s green rolling hills all around It really does look like Eugene!!! It may be even more beautiful! I just rode my bike today across a bridge with a beautiful river right underneath and so many green trees! Right next door to the Church is a high school! I can actually hear the students doing some sort of cheering in Japanese right now. Right outside, infront of the Church is a huge lake with swans! I was shocked when I got the call from president that I would be STL [Sister Training Leader] in Morioka! I really thought I would be staying in Hachinohe. I was sad to leave all those wonderful members, Shion and our investigator Yukio, my beloved companion sister Kanno and all the other missionaries. But I am excited to have this experience in Morioka.
 I am so lucky to have all four Japanese companions so far! I want so badly to be fluent in Japanese!
I will be going on my first split as STL this week to  AKITA!!! I am so lucky to go back to my first area! Ishida kyodai quit his job in Tokyo I heard because of work on Sundays. I am excited to see him and other invstigators. I love all these sisters! There are a total of 10 sisters Konishi shimia and I are over in Morioka Zone; Sister Iwahashi, my daugther, is one of them! I am so excited to see her in a couple weeks!
 I loved meeting the members Sunday! This is a special branch! About 40 came to Church and mostly families and little children! My first experience seeing so many kids, I love it!!
I just wanted to share with you the letter I wrote President Rasmussen this week 😉

President Rasmussen,
I loved coming to the Honbu last week. Dendoing in Sendai with sister Holmstead and sister King was maybe one of the best days I’ve had so far on my mission. We dropped off our luggage at the Kamisugi Church and dendo’d for 3 hours on the streets, just talking to every person we passed. I have never been in a three-some companionship before, but it was the biggest blessing being with those sisters.
I thought, “Wow, we saw so many miracles in just 3 hours. Think of how many miracles in one transfer with these sisters!” We had eaten lunch at Subway and cried and laughed in the Subway, talking about our many struggles and joys so far on the mission. I felt so close to these sisters!
After taking a bus to the Honbu that night, I met a woman on the bus who had surprisingly met Moon shimai a few months before. I asked her if she had read the pamphlet that Moon shimai had given her and she said yes. I talked for a while about Jesus Christ, but she eventually had to get off. I thought that was such a tender mercy that she had met Moon Shimai.

I honestly was feeling really heavy hearted and unsure about this next transfer in Morioka. I didn’t know why I had such an uneasy feeling, but I think it’s because of a lot of things I heard from my last apartment. Watanabe shimai and Morita shimai would often talk on the phone when I was in Hachinohe and I didn’t know what to expect living with Morita shimai. I also had heard things from other missionaries that Konishi shimai gets mad quickly. Just a lot of things were going through my mind and I wanted to throw all those feelings out and start fresh. I felt so uneasy on the bus ride and just prayed that Heavenly Father would help me. As soon as I finished my silent prayer, I felt prompted to open my scriptures.

I randomly opened to DC 111:2-3, 6. I then read DC 112: 10-11

I was blown away! I felt the Lord right there, having a personal conversation with me. That was the first time in my life I felt the Lord was really talking to me so personally through the Scriptures. I can’t even describe how spiritual and amazing it was! I knew in that moment that the Lord expects me to be humble and love every sister, no matter what.

I love Morioka! I love Konishi shimai! King shimai and Morita shimai are so great too! Konishi shimai has a really fun side to her I didn’t expect. We’re already laughing together. I loved meeting the Akita sisters when they came for Zone Training. They are really special sisters!
I loved getting to know them. They all seemed happy. We will be going to Akita this next week for splits with sister Morgan and sister Stice.

One thing I was a little uneasy about it Konishi shimai and I sat in the apartment for 6 hours planning on Friday and then another 2 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday for Weekly and planning splits. I know that planning is important, but I had mentioned I wanted to go out and try to find someone. It seemed Konishi shimai would rather be in the apartment. I just didn’t feel good spending so much time in the apartment. Sister King also had mentioned to me that after Church her and sister Morita spent 3 hours just sitting in the Church talking to their investigators. Sister King told me she didn’t have the best feeling about that.
I just hope that we can use our time the best we can, but also be patient. I really do love these sisters though.

Sister Butler


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