May 12, 2014

Mission Life in Hachinohe, Japan
I think it`s such a miracle that a few weeks ago I felt prompted to send my grandma a letter. I was brought to tears thinking of how much I love her and appreciate her for all she`s done for me. Then today skyping my family for mother`s day, my mom tells me that she read her the letter and soon after she passed away.She said grandma cried with joy as she listened to my letter. That touched me, and then to realize my mom would be able to tell me over skype than over just an email was even more touching.
   I know it wasn`t just coincidence. I felt the Lord`s great love and compassion in granting me one last time to talk to my grandmother through a letter before she left this life.
    I loved me grandmother Peggy Sue Smith. She taught me how to laugh! She taught our whole family how to laugh! She loved Jokes, and as a little girl I would come up with anyway I could just to get her to laugh. I would lookg up“Knock knock jokes“ and every other kind of joke in a joke book I had to see how many times I could get her to laugh. I think her favorite was…
“What did the hot dog say at the end of the finish line?“
“I`m the Weener!“
She would sometimes laugh so hard she`d cry. Sometimes I didn`t even think the joke was that funny and she`d still laugh. I am laughing just thinking of grandma Peggy`s contagious, beautiful, sometimes cracky, laugh!
She always made me feel special. She say “Tori, you are special and the Lord loves you“. She always encouraged me to share my talents.
I loved drawing pictures and then running up to her and saying, “grandma look!“ She`d always take time to look at my drawing and say, “Wow Tori, you are so talented! You are going to bless so many with your many talents.
She was the talented one! She had a passion for writing and I loved her poems. I`ll always remember the poem about my cousin Becky. Becky`s blind and grandma would always say the poem in Becky`s ear as she held her hand…
She would kneel with me and say prayers with me every night when I`d visit. She would always say in her prayers, “Please, Heavenly Father, have the Lord come soon so that there can be peace on this earth“. She was always so personal in her prayers and always cried when she would tell the Lord how thankful she was for each family member. She would pray for each grandchild by name. I always told my grandma Peggy all my life dreams and goals.
  I remember before I left on my mission about 2 years ago I was talking to her about my future family. I told her all about my desires for my future family and said, “Grandma I`m so excited when you`ll get to come to my wedding!“
I always imagined her there, but I know that she will still be apart of my future family even if she has left this life. Her example of laughter, gratitude, and joy in all things will forever remain in my heart and future family.
I love my grandmother Peggy! I know she is close by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all of our Spirit brothers and sisters.
I didn`t have time to talk about the week, but I am grateful I could share about my special grandmother.
Sister Tori Butler

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