May 18, 2014

Birthday in Japan!
Saturday morning I woke up to hearing rustling by my bed. I turned around and there was a huge Japanese RADDISH right by my face! I then looked around and there was carrotts, apples, yogurt!!! Then I saw sister Lesuma, sister Watanabe, and sister Kanno right there as they sang Happy birthday!!! It was exactly what I wanted! Healthy food!!! haha
Then we got a group of members and played soccer. It was sister Watanabe`s birthday too so the elders planned something and sure enough we got pied in the face! Shion was the one who pied me in the face. It was an unforgettable birthday with many people I love!
This past week President Rasmussen came to Hachinohe and I had an interview with him. He asked me a question I thought was very inspired. He said, “Do you feel your testimony is growing?“
I loved that question and I paused, and then looked out the window and thought of all the experiences I`ve had so far. I then looked back at him with a smile and said, “yes, it is!“.
I love you and sorry this was so short but I have to go already!

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