May 25, 2014

I thought a lot about grandma this past week!
I had a real special experience on the day of Grandma`s funeral here in Japan. Kanno shimai and I were at the Church because we had attended early morning Seminary with the 3 youth, including Shion! We did our language study and decided we`d go up to the library to find a movie. We found President Hinckley`s Funeral broadcast DVD and decided to watch that. As I watched it and thought about how much I loved President Hinckley, it hit me that Grandma`s funeral was that exact same day! Little things happen for a reason.
Shion is very excited to come to Church June 8 to see President and sister Rasmussen! She`s already been anticipating coming to Church that day and also is looking forward to speaking in Sacrament Meeting. Kanno shimai and I will invite Shion`s mom and little brother to the meeting and encourage Shion to invite her mom to hear her talk as well. I pray they will come.

From Shion`s amazing example of being a member missionary, her friend and our investigator, Yukio, is a progressing investigator! Kanno shimai and I teach her before every Wedensday Eikaiwa class. This last lesson she had read all of 2 Nephi 31 and additionally had read Moroni 10, which Shion had invited her to do. Shion understands the conenants she made at Baptism is valiantly keeping them.
Kanno shimai and I went to Yukio`s house for the first time last night to meet her mom. We unexpectadly showed up and got to know her mom and little 8 year old sister. It had seemed like from Yukio things were a little unsure with her mom. But after meeting her, she opened up right away and said she supports Yukio hearing the lessons. Kanno shimai gave her “I`m a Mormon card“ and invited her to see what we`re teaching her daughter. I felt that we should invited their family to hear the lessons with Yukio, but we focussed on building a relationship first. I feel we should go back and invite the mom and daughter to hear the lessons too. Yukio`s father is in Morioka and still needs to sign the parent permission form. Yukio`s mom said that she and her husband are fine, but Yukio just needs to talk to her dad about it and get the signature.

When President Rasmussen asked me in my interview, “Do you feel your testimony is growing?“ I took time to ponder on that question later. I read a quote I have on my wall by the first presidency that says something along the lines of “Your greatest spiritual growth will come from your personal study of the scriptures and personal prayer“. I realized then that YES my testimony is growing, and it is coming a lot from my personal feasting of the Scriptures and heartfelt prayer. I have been studying the General Womens Conference talks, because I never got to watch that meeting. I loved sister Oscarson`s talk on “Sisterhood: Oh How We Need Each other“. Sometimes it`s easy to see the differences in other sister missionaries because of culture, or just being judgemental. But sister Oscarson advised, “Satan wants us to concentrate on our differences and compare ourselves to one another“.
I read that and it hit me! I am to see everyone as my dear brother and sister and not see differences, but only that they are on the same path I am and need love.

I love you very much and am always praying for you.


Sister Butler

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