May 5, 2014

This past week I learned more about the Atonement than ever before!
I don`t have time to explain the whole story, but I know know that in any relationship the most important thing is to forgive and be humble!
   When Kanno shimai and I were streeting, it was coming to the end and we were about to head to the Church to eat our dinner before preparing for Eikaiwa (English Class). I saw a girl and felt prompted to talk to her, but she walked a different way. I could tell Kanno shimai was focussed on eating, but I followed the girl and Kanno shimai was hesitant to follow. She finally followed behind me and once I caught up to the girl I introduced myself. I tried to get to know her and while talking I went to see where my companion was and she was standing a little ways back. I thought, “aren`t you going to introduce yourself?“
   I continued to talk to the girl, but left moments of silence, trying to encourage Kanno shimai to say something. I looked at her and she didn`t even have a smile. I looked at the girl and said, “This is my companion“. She smiled and Kanno shimai faintly smiled and said hi. I thought, “Why are you acting like this?“
   I gave the girl our card and ended because there was clearly something off. As we walked away I waited how to approach this situation and saw Kanno shimai look at her watch and walk ahead because she wanted to go eat. After asking why she didn`t talk to the girl she said that I was the one who wanted to talk to her so she let me do it by myself. That made me sad and I told Kanno shimai that girl needed her testimony and kindness just as much as mine. I could tell she realized and felt a little guilty. That turned into silence and we didn`t talk for a while. She was silent all through dinner and preparing for Eikaiwa. I finally said something and asked what was wrong. After talking I told her that I was sorry and I loved her and we should forget the whole thing. But she told me she would need time to forgive me. I felt a huge feeling of hurt and wondered after I`d said sorry why she would need time. Well, it grew to the next day and it seemed every little thing I did made her frustrated. I realized that she was still holding it inside. We finally had a big talk and I told her that I loved her and this was all Satan`s influence. She still told me she couldn`t forgive me and the Spirit was definitely not there.
    I was crying because it all flashed back to Stevenson shimai. I then had a prompting to pray. I said the most heartfelt prayer I think I ever have and felt so humbled. After that prayer I felt so much love for Kanno shimai and I went to hug her. She hugged me back and the huge feeling was lifted. I felt peace and she said “Gomen ne“, “I`m sorry“.
I cried even more and that`s when I learned about the Atonement. She told me “I have never met someone with so much love before“. That touched me so much.
I don`t have time to write anymore about that but it was an unforgettable experience and I love Kanno shimai even more!
We`ve been focussing on activities to have members come to and invite friends so we can find people to teach. Kanno shimai and I got an activity together to play soccer Saturday for 1 hour. One member came and one Eikawa student, including us 8 missionaries. It wasn`t a huge turn out but I know things can grow from that activity. We also had Hulah dancing class taught by Lesuma shimai (sister missionary from Hawaii). We`re doing that every Friday and we had 9 people come! One member brought her friend and missionaries brought two investigators!
    I prayed and fasted this week that Kanno shimai and I would find an investigator and we still haven`t. We didn`t find a potential investigator either. But we visited a Less Active who hadn`t seen the missionaries in over 6 years and taught her a lesson. She said she had only gotten baptized because her friends wanted her to but she believes in God. I hope we can continue to meet with her. She told us it`s impossible for her to come back to Church because of other members, but I know there`s a reason we felt prompted to call her and meet. Heavenly Father hasn`t given up on her and never will, so neither should us missionaries.
  I have to go now!
I love you!!!

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