July 7, 2014

President and Sister Smith Have Arrived!


So many wonderful things happened this past week!
I met my new mission President; President and Sister Smith!!! Oh I just fell in-love with them! I can`t even explain the amazing experience I had meeting them.
   I can`t even describe the spiritual experience I had meeting President and Sister Smith. It was the most spiritual experience I`ve had so far being in Japan.
     President and his wife came to our apartment only after the second day of being in Japan. We were having a Zone Conference with them the next day so they just stopped by to say hi and to meet us sisters in Morioka. I can`t even explain the feeling I had of “wait a minute I`ve met you before…I know you!“ as soon as I saw President Smith at the door. I immediately felt the Spirit and the first thing I said was, “President Smith, we`ve met before!“. I was being 100% serious and really was confused where I`d met him before. They came into our apartment and we were all already laughing and having a good time. President Smith then turned to me and said, “I think we`re kindred spirits, that`s why we know each other“. Tears came to my eyes because I had had this strong feeling that my new mission president, whoever he was, would really change my life these last 6 months of my mission.
       He looked into my eyes and said, “I really feel the Spirit in this apartment. Thank you“. Sister Smith is so fun! She is bubbly and laughs a lot and talks a lot. She reminds me of you mom, haha. I think that`s why we already feel like we`re really good friends. President Smith is not so bubbly, but very sincere and fun. He is so loving and kind to his wife. I loved the way he had his hand on her back as all of uswere talking about Morioka. It was so clear that they really love each other and are so happy together. I haven`t seen that kind of marriage-love relationship since being in Japan and it was really refreshing. Japanese people don`t show affection, and it`s been something that`s been hard to adapt to. I`m used to hugs, but now it`s become hesitant, but not because I`m a missionary but because of the culture. But I am still trying to hug these Japanese sisters whether they like it or not, haha. They love it-I know they do!
The next day at the Zone Conference, it was more of a “meet President Smith and sister Smith“. President and sister Smith both gave the most two powerful talks I`ve heard so far on my mission. It was everything I needed in that moment. I want to share what they told all of us missionaries with you.
   President Smith told us that before he came to Japan he had a dream.
He said, “I had a dream that there was a Tsunami“.
As soon as he said the word “Tsunami“, I felt my heart sink. We have all been warned to prepare our emergency backpacks that we just received and I had been thinking a lot about “what if a natural disaster comes sometime soon?“.
President Smith went on to explain to us the horrific scene that a Tsunami brings.
He said,
    “The wave of a Tsunami is so powerful and it  destroys everything in it`s path. You cannot swim in a tsunami wave. If you go in, you will not come out alive.“
He then went on to say how real the dream was, but how this Tsunami wave was not made of water. He said the wave was full of darkness and evil. It was full of pornography, dishonesty, pride, love with out affection, adultery, hate, and lust. He described how this dark wave started to sweep the whole earth and was coming towards him. He then said that he turned and saw this bright light, brighter than any light he`d ever seen. He said,
“This light was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was the only thing that could stop the darkness from coming. It over-powered the wave and saved us“.
As he told us about this dream I realized how much evil there is in the world, but how the Jesus Christ`s love is truly the only thing that will stop this evil. President Smith encouraged us to be exactly obedient to the mission rules so we can grown in faith. I felt this huge determination to really be the best missionary I can and share this light and love of Jesus Christ with as many people as I can after listening to President Smith and sister Smith`s talks. President Smith looked into all of our eyes and said something I will never forget,
  “I love you. There is nothing you can do that will make me stop loving you. I will always
love you. This is how your Savior feels about you and I feel His love for you right now“.
I felt my Savior`s love and I am so grateful for Pres. Smith`s sincere words. It really made me think of pure love, to love someone no matter what they do.
All of us missionaries got to have a 5 minute interview with President Smith. I won`t share everything from my personal interview but I felt the Spirit stronger than I ever have my whole mission. President Smith told me, “Sister Butler you have only 5 months left. You will never regret working as hard as you could these next 5 months, you will only regret not doing your best.“
I was determined to give even more these last 5 1/2 months of my mission.
We had Transfer calls!!! My beloved Konishi shimai is leaving and Hamano shimai is coming! ANother Nihonjin (Japanese) missionary!!!
I am said to say goodbye,but I am really excited to meet sister Hamano! I am still in Morioka and Satomi still has her baptismal date for July 27th!!!
Love you,
Butler shimai
Sister Tori Butler

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