July 20, 2014

I had such a great week!
On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Sendai with Hamano shimai, as well as the other STL’s and Zone Leaders. We did a Dendo activity Tuesday evening, going out with a different companion putting up Eikaiwa posters. It was super fun being with Kushi shimai!
Wednesday was just meetings in the Mission home with Pres. and sister Smith!
I learned so much about our mission!
President Smith started our meeting really powerfully. He said,
 “This will be called ‘revelation [keiji] meeting. When all the 12 Apostles speak in agreement is Heavenly Father’s word. When we are unified, it is Heavenly Father’s word.”
We talked about things we can do to improve the mission and our areas. We focused a lot on Charity and talking with everyone. My favorite part of the whole MLC experience was what President Rasmussen told all of us. I will never forget his words. He said,
“I feel impressed to tell you all something. Heavenly Father wants His children of Japan to know that He loves them.”
I felt the Spirit so powerfully when he said those words. I know there are so many people in Japan who need to be told they’re loved. I see so many every day that have their heads down and look so sad. I made a goal after listening to Pres. Smith that I will tell as many people as I can each day that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them.
President Smith shared an inspiring story that I want to share. He told us about Elder Nelson of the the 70 going with a Stake President to visit a Less Active. This man looked miserable when he opened the door. His hair was all over the place and his apartment was a mess. The man asked why they’d come. Elder Nelson and the Stake President said they had been impressed to come and their only message was to tell the man that Heavenly Father loves him. They then left. A few weeks later Elder Nelson saw this Less Active at a Stake Conference, but he was wearing a nice white shirt and looked cleaner. The man asked Elder Nelson if he could talk to him. Once they went to a private room the man began to cry. Elder Nelson was worried and wondered what had happened. The man then told Elder Nelson,
“The day you came to my apartment, I had decided I was going to kill myself. But then you told me that Heavenly Father loves me and I’m important. Thank you for saving me”. 
Listening to this story I felt so strongly that so many people in Japan are feeling lonely and don’t feel of great worth.
Here’s the miracle!
The next day Thursday morning, Hamano shimai and I felt impressed to visit a Less Active named sister Kawamura. She doesn’t have work, has 2 kids and gets a lot of help from her dad because she has welfare. She has a mental sickness, maybe depression. Well, that day we decided to follow Pres. Smith’s counsel and just tell Kawamura shimai and that Heavenly Father loves her.
We focused our message on Temples and keeping the Commandments.
After the lesson, I asked Kawamura shimai if she has any worries or anything else she wanted to talk about. She paused looking down, and then said,
“Before I met the missionaries 3 years ago, I attempted several times to kill myself. I didn’t feel of any worth. But then the missionaries told me that I’m special and God loves me. I feel loved when you come”.
Both Hamano shimai and I couldn’t believe what we just heard and I felt so much gratitude that we had followed the Spirit to go visit Kawamura shimai. We have an appt. to help clean her house on Friday.
President Smith also counseled us to do Family History Work. I am going to try, but I might need help.
Saturday night we had a talent show! Some members came, Eikaiwa students, one Less Active, and Rio chyan [who got baptized 3 weeks ago] invited 2 of her friends!
Us sisters did a little musical number where we lied on tables with our heads upside down and the curtain over us so they could only see our heads. We put a towel over our face so they could only see our chins and mouths. There were two eyes on our chins so it looked like an upside down face. We sany “Popcorn popping/Book of Mormon Stories”. Elder Fukuchi said it looked scary when I beatboxed haha. It was fun!
I am really focusing on Charity, the pure love of Christ, this next week.
Quote that I loved this week,
“The first test of a really great man is humility”
Sister Tori Butler
Batora shimai

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