August 3, 2014

Splits in Akita!

I went to Akita from Thursday to Saturday morning. I went on splits with Stice shimai, a sister from Utah and we met up with my past investigator when I was in Akita, Ayaka!
It was so good seeing Ayaka!
She hasn`t been coming to Church or reading the Book of Mormon, but we went out to lunch and I felt I should help remind her of the Spirit she felt when we had lessons together. I shared with her how when we rely on the Lord, He will carry us through any trial. We need the Lord in everything.
After a long conversation in the restaurant, Ayaka said she feels she wants to read the BOM and come to Church. I gave her two pictures of Christ with scriptures and just pray that Ayaka will be baptized soon. She never had a baptismal date, but I know that she desires to.
I also took a picture with brother Checketts, past ward mission leader. He is from Utah but has lived in Akita forever with his wife.
I also took a picture with youth member Natsumi, me, and her friend to the right.
Loved Akita! I also saw Ishida! He looked beaming with joy! He is so involved in the Gospel and preparing for his own mission!

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