August 24, 2014


I am in an internet cafe and have no time because I had to do a online questionaire for the mission and my time is already up! There are no computers at the Church in Aizu so we have to come here every week!
I sent many pictures so I hope you enjoy!
I love working with Nakaima shimai! It`s a lot different being companions then being roommates in Akita. I am with Johnson shimai which has been fun!
I love the members here!!! They have so much dendo fire!!! missionary work fire!
I introduced myself and bore testimony yesterday at Church. There are 4 of us new missionaries!
Nakaima shimai and I have no investigators so we are going to try and find those prepared. We have splits with other sisters in Yamagata and Iwaki every week this month! We have been super busy already but seen little miracles here and there!
  I feel pretty stressed lately, probably with transfers, new companion and new area. But I know the Lord is with me and will help me to feel peace. I am going to the Aizuwakamatsu famous Castle today with a woman who lives at our same apartment complex and her two little boys, 12 and 7 years old. She wants me to teach them English. We are going to try and share the Gospel with her family but don`t know where her interest is yet. Right now it seems she`s only interested in English. I will take lots of pictures of the Castle!

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