August 31, 2014

Every Week is Full of Miracles!

The day before I had met a boy on his bike late at night and noticed he was wearing a backpacking backpack. I complimented his backback and asked if he likes hiking. He told me yes and had an excited look because we seemed to have the same interests in the outdoors and track and field.
   His name was Fumiya, seventeen year old high school student. I asked if He`d ever thought about God before and he surprisingly said yes. He said that he always prays to God before every race. I told him how important that relationship is with God and Nakaima shimai testified too and gave him a card with our phone number. I rode away feeling like there was defitinely a special feeling about Fumiya kun.
I felt impressed to pray for Fumiya. But not just any prayer, a specific prayer. Then the words from the Book of Mormon, Moroni 7:26, flash into my mind,
   “Whatsoever thing ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is good, in faith believeing that ye shall receive, behold, it shall be done unto you“
I knew that this scripture was true. I knew I could pray for anything in that moment but I felt impressed to pray that the boy I had met the day before would look at the site, feel the Spirit, and call us.
  Now, as long as I`ve been a missionary, and as many of those cards that I`ve given out, not one person has called. I knew though, that as I was talking to Heavenly Father on that bathroom floor, if my plea was in faith, He would answer it.
The next day, at about 9:12pm, Nakaim shimai and I looked at our phone to see we had a missed call from an unfamiliar number. We got excited, not knowing who it could be and sure enough, it was Fumiya! He told us that he`d looked at the site and read some of the peoples stories and felt he should call. We made an appointment to meet with him right then.
It was incredible. But the funny thing is, I had forgotten that specific prayer I had given until later that night I knelt down to say my personal prayer and then realized in amazement that Heavenly Father had answered my exact prayer.
Prayer is real. It is a literal two-way conversation with our Father in Heaven. When we pray from our heart, with real intent, and imagine Him right there, listening, it becomes a conversation.
The Lord guided us this week to find one investigator, so now we have two!
Harumi is 83 years old, and our new investigator is a 24 year old girl named Megumi. She clearly has some metal illness so I`m not sure where the lines are with teaching her. She wants to learn English so we`re doing FFEP, and she prayed and commited to read BOM and come to Church. She came to FHE but after that hasn`t answered our e-mails so I feel her interest has gone down.My favorite part of this week was just the joy of working with the members. The Saito family and Takase family are the most Christ-like, ichi ban DENDO FIRE members I`ve ever met!!! We had a ward missionary meeting with the 5 ward missionaries and Misison leader and I was blown away! They are working so hard to work with us missionaries and I love that it`s not the missionaries doing activities, but the members and we support each other. A member named Haga shimai jointed in on a lesson with a PI names Matsumoto san. We taught Matsumoto san POS and it turned into being focussed on the Atonement. Matsumoto san`s baby passed away at birth and that has really traumatized her. She told us that she`s not ready to learn about Jesus Christ and the POS because it reminds her of her sons death. We did plan to meet with her again though to make key chains (her hobby). Plus she will be playing the piano for the sisters in the branch at a Day service activity happening Wednesday! It`s amazing that she said the lessons are too much but the members are befriending her and showing her Christ`s example through action. Haga shimai`s joint was AMAZING!

I love these members in Aizu and this is the first time I`ve seen members and missionaries work so close together with one heart and one mind! Moses 7:18,

   “The Lord called His people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind and dwelt in righteousness“


Butler shimai



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