September 14, 2014

Miracles are around every corner!
Remember the man named Hirono that Nakaima shimai and I met housing? Well, we had a lesson on Monday with him and the elders at the Church and he became their new investigator. The elders said they called him a few days later and he`s been reading the Book of Mormon and praying every day.
  I`m still amazed that that night Nakaima shimai and I both riding our bikes in the dark late one night felt impressed to go to his certain apartment complex and knock on his door! I`m excited to see what happens with Hirono san!
Our mission was blessed to have Elder Whiting, Asia North Area 70, come to our mission and have a conference with us! I am still amazed that every concern and question I had prior to Friday`s Mission Tour was answered at the conference.
   I learned so many things, but something that touched me was every principle that was taught was taught through the scriptures. I then realized, every time I teach any principle in a lesson I should teach through the scriptures.
Elder Whiting even asked us, “Are you searching the scriptures diligently?“
So I ask you, are you searching your scriptures diligently every day?

Nakaima shimai and I had 2 mogi`s (practice lessons with members) on Sunday after Church, but they were only 10 minutes. We simply had the member ask any, one question and we would answer that question through using scriptures. It was amazing!
There`s a 19 year old member, Miruka shimai. She served mission in Fukuoka for 6 months but had to come back due to illness. Nakaima shimai and I are trying to serve her and do things with her because she loved being a missionary and was sad to come back early. My heart goes out to her. But she said she is determined to go back out once she gets better. She did a mogi lesson with us and asked us the question “Why do I need Faith to be Baptized? Why can`t I just be baptized?“
We asked follow up questions to find her needs and then the scripture Alma 7:14 popped in my mind. To be honest I didn`t even know if it talked about faith but I followed the prompting and sure enough it did! It was amazing to feel the Spirit even in a practice lesson.
Nakaima shimai and I traveled to Yamagata to go on splits with the sisters there. I went on splits with Tui shimai and we had a miracle of meeting a 12 year old boy one the street with a group of his friends. He was excited to tell us his favorite Apostle is Paul and he reads the Bible on occasion! I was thinking, “Who is this kid? He`s amazing!“ haha
Tui shimai was so bold and sweet and gave him a BOM and he was excited to read it after we taught a little bit about it. Little miracles like that teach me that even young kids can be searching for this message of Truth.
I always want to share so many miracles because so many always happen! Sister Meralyn Johnson shared with me about recording miracles. She told me that she spends a few minutes every night writing in a seprate journal that day`s miracles. It hit me that I need to do the same thing! Sister Johnson is a wonderful example and she is probably the sister I admire the most in this mission. She shared with me she`s had many trials on her mission but learned to serve and love. I am so grateful to have her example in our apartment.
One miracle from this week was Nakaima shimai and I were riding our Bikes Saturday night heading back to our apartment after teaching a less active a lesson. Nakaima shimai pulled her bike over on the side and took off her helmet and said, “We`re not going back home until we pray to find someone“. I was blown away! I`ve seen Nakaima shimai change so much in becoming selfless.
I excitedly jumped off my bike and took my helmet off to pray. Nakaima shimai prayed specifically that we would find a woman. We ended and looking up got back on our bikes. Then across the road was a blond haired lady clearly looking lost. We rode over and she said she was from Russia and was waiting for a bus to drop off her friends from Russia but didn`t know when the bus would come. We tried to help her and then after a while she said she`s be fine. It wasn`t until riding away I realized he was the answer to our prayer! She was in a hurry so we didn`t get to introduce much about the Church, but I was grateful to help her a little bit.
There are opportunities to serve everywhere, and there are even more when we pray to recognize them!
“The Character of Christ is constantly focused on others“
“Selfishness is so destructive because it takes us away from the character of Christ“
-elder Whiting
Sister Butler

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