September 21, 2014


All the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders have meetings every month at the mission home. We also do a little mission activity before. We were all asked to share our experience from the activity that night at the mission home and I shared mine. President Smith said after I shared, “Sister Butler, will you please write that down and send me a copy that we can keep in our records?“.
I of course told him I would and just typed it up. I thought I would share it with you.
September 3, 2014
I had sat next to a woman on the bus coming back from the MLC activity in August  and talked to her the whole ride back to the mission home about the Gospel. She seemed somewhat interested, so I gave her a card with my name and number. I wasn`t sure if anything would come from it, but prayed that something would. The next MLC activity in September we were asked to focus on asking inspired questions and share our experiences that night. Nakaima shimai and I had talked to a few people in Sendai before coming to the mission home, but no one seemed interested. We got on the bus to head to themission home and I felt prompted to sit next to a young girl on the bus.
      As I sat next to her I immediately introduced myself and started getting to know her. I asked her, “What is your happiness?“. She told me that her family was her happiness. I complimented her on her love for her family. I then began to introduce how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless her family. She then surprisingly told me with a huge smile that she had seen me before. I paused and asked where she might`ve seen me. She told me that about a month ago she was riding this same bus and that I was sitting behind her next to a woman. She said that she heard my whole conversation and was intrigued. I was so surprised and realized that Heavenly Father had placed this girl that had sat in front of me a month ago in my path to share this message with her. I then told her that my purpose was to help others learn of their relationship with Jesus Christ. The bus ride abruptly ended when I realized I had to get off. All I could do was giver her a card with my name and phone number. She said thank you with a smile and we parted ways.
   I don`t know if I`ll ever see her again but I know the Lord places prepared people in our path. I know if anything that girl will remember my testimony that God loves her.

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