September 21, 2014

This week was…AMAZING!!! I feel like I use that word too much…this week was SUBARASHII!! That means amazing in Japanese.
I will first tell you about the time I spent with a 21 year old Japanese sister who`s only been on her mission for 4 months. Nakaima shimai and I traveled to Yamagata to do splits wit the sisters there and I spent a day with Fujiki shimai.

This sister has such a pure heart and we saw so many miracles together!One was meeting the “Mister Doughnuts“Angel! There`s a doughnuts shop called “Mister Doughnuts“ and everyone loves it in Japan. Well, we were on the street walking to a stoplight and there was a woman on her bike. Before the light turned I said hello and asked if she was from Yamagata. She said yes and warmly began to talk to us. We asked her the happiness she feels in her life and she told us her family is her happiness. We started to testify of Jesus Christ and she complimented us on what we were doing as missionaries. Before parting ways after giving her a card she said that she had just gotten off work and handed us a whole bag of doughnuts! We were shocked at this woman`s kindness and told her to please give the doughnuts to her children. She wouldn`t stop insisting and so we gratefully took the doughnuts. What an Angel! I turned to Fujiki shimai after and said, “The people of Japan say they`re not Christian, but they are the most Christ-like people I`ve ever met!“

Another miracle that day was housing. Fujiki shimai chose a random apartment building to go housing at. We started knocking on the doors and no one answered. We realized we hadn`t prayed and so said a prayer before continuing. I prayed specifically that we would find a prepared person to hear our message. The last door we knocked on surprisingly greeted us on their intercom. Instead of introducing us as missionaries from a Church, I asked the woman on the intercom what her happiness was in life. She told us, just like many else have, her family was her happiness. We started to tell her that we had a message that would bless her family and we talked so long that the intercom cut us off and she ended up coming to the door.

     When I first saw this woman I felt the Spirit so strongly. She was holding her little dog and looked about mid 50`s. She looked exhausted mentally and physically. She was kind and gentle. We told her that God lives and knows her and loves her. She surprisingly asked us what happens after death. I paused and then unexpectedly began to tell her about my experience of my grandma passing away 5 months ago. I began to testify that I knew I would see my grandma Peggy again and death is not the end. Tears began to stream down my face and I looked at Fujiki shimai who also had tears in her eyes, then I could see tears in this woman`s eyes as well. The Spirit was so strong. I have never had an experience like this one. What touched me is that I could feel a Heavenly presence that I don`t know how to explain. 
      It was as if grandma Peggy was there too. This woman opened her heart to us, 2 strangers, but I know it was because she felt the Spirit and felt God`s love. It was subarashii. We then taught her how to pray and said a prayer at the end together. After the prayer she told us she felt a warm feeling inside. This woman`s name was Shouji san. She said that we could come back. I pray that Fujiki shimai and her companion will be able to continue meeting with Shouji san.
  We had a Zone Conference in Koriyama with President Smith and sister Smith and our tiny Zone of 14 missionaries. It was so wonderful, like a little family. We had a testimony meeting and Marilyn Johnson shared her returning home testimony. She only has one transfer left. I will be giving my returning home testimony in December at that Zone Conference. Just thinking of it makes me get emotional.
    Nakaima shimai met had 2 lessons with recent convert Madoka shimai this week! We also had a lesson with a less active named Tojyo shimai. We ate dinner at the Kuriki family`s house and they had invited a less active named Tani shimai. We shared the video, “Because of Him“ a Mormon message. I love that that Church has Mormon Messages in Japanese. I just love Mormon Messages! They are so powerful!
I have one more week until transfer calls! Here comes the best 12 weeks of my mission!

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