September 28, 2014

I went on two splits this past week. I was with one sister who said that she is really struggling. She has been so exhausted, mentally and physically. We spent a long time to just talking. I spent time just reminding her of why she is on a mission and the blessings she`s seen being out in the field. Through talking about these things her countenance started to change. She went from being in darkness and thinking she`s not a good missionary, to positive thinking of recognizing that she has a divine purpose as the Lord`s missionary. She realized that it all started with her thoughts. I noticed that by the end of talking she started to look up more and smile. She is such a strong sister and has a strong testimony. I learned that I must always remember my blessings to keep hope. The next day we found a girl on the street who wanted to have a relationship with God. It was amazing to then see this sister who was in darkness the day before to have light shining from her eyes as she powerfully bore testimony to this girl we met on the street.
The other split I went on was with sister Smith. We were in Akita together when I was training sister Iwahashi. It`s so funny because now they`re companions! So they both came and I got to hug my little Iwahashi! I love sister Iwahashi so much!!!
On this split with sister Smith we saw so many miracles.
First we prayed specifically that we would find one new investigator and 2 PI`s (potential investigator).
We walked on this street and the first two girls we talked to were 18 and told us they believe in God. They made an appointment with us to meet the next day! It was a miracle!
Then we walk down and talk to a few more people, but just before heading back we talk to one last girl. She is 18 and her name is Kotomi. She goes to a Catholic school. She said she knows God is real because she prayed before and He helped her. She said that she got bullied when she was younger and so she transferred schools. She said she prayed to God to where she should go and He answered that she should go to this Catholic school. It was so amazing to hear this 18 year old girl share her testimony with us. We invited her right then to come to our Church close by and if we could share a short message with her about Jesus Christ. She agreed! We showed her our Church and had a short lesson with her about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ being two seperate beings, who have bodies and know us personally. We also taught about prayer. She said the closing prayer! She made a next appointment with us for today! But walking out she said that she wasn`t share what her parents would think.
   Sad to say, she didn`t come to today`s appointment. But I was amazed that when sister Smith specically prayed, we got a specific answer! Heavenly Father led us to 3 people who were prepared!
On Saturday we played Soccer at Aizu University fields. There were lots of families there that Nakaima shimai and I talked to. While we were leaving we saw two college boys walking and decided to ask them for directions out of the campus. We went from directions to talking about God and if He`s real. They both were so open and polite! I am just still amazed at how kind and polite every Japanese person is, even young 23 year old guys! They had the manners of a very mature 40 year old haha! One of them agreed to come to our Church on Sunday. His name is Masataka! He came to Church and is GOLDEN! He said he wants to “be saved“. He said He believes in Jesus Christ and is looking for the right Church. The elders are starting to teach him. I`m excited to see what happens with him.
  Hirono, who we met housing at the beginning of last transfer is still coming to Church and taking the lessons with the elders! So this week we had many investigators come to Church! There was such a joy at Church because of all the new faces!
After Church one of the sisters was going to do a practice lesson with us. She said that her sister, who`s not a member, has a concern about our beliefs on eternal families. She said that she wants to be with her children but not her abusive husband. Sister Kuwahara`s question was “What do I tell my sister? If she`s sealed to her husband, will she have to be with him forever after this life?“
I knew clearly that her sister would not have to be with her husband because the Lord wants us to be happy. I told her that the Lord would never want us to be unhappy and so she can choose to not be with her husband after this life, even if they were sealed.
 She said, “But where is there a scripture for that?“
Immediately D&C 132 came to my mind, but I didn`t know what verse. I just opened my scriptures hoping to be guided and the Spirit completely guided me when I said, “D&C 132:39“
She read it and then said, “Wow, that answers my concern I`ve been searching for for months.“.
It was amazing to feel like I was a tool in the Lord`s hand to help sister Kuwahara who can now help answer her sister`s concern.

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