October 26, 2014

Stake Conference Week

I went on two splits, one on Tuesday with sister Ishikawa and Thursday with sister Matsumoto. I learned a lot from those sisters. Sister Matsumoto came from her area in Yamagata to go on a 24 hour split with me. Since she had previously served in Aizu she wanted to visit her past investigators and members. She shows so much love and has much charity. I felt inspired by her to love the members and investigators more these last 7 weeks.
There has been much emotion in our apartment since the three sisters I`m living with are returning home from their missions next week. I have only one more week with Nakaima shimai and I am going to strive to serve her and work harder with her the best I can this last week together. I had my interview with President Smith on Friday in Koriyama and even though it was a short 15 minutes he taught me something I will keep dear for the rest of my life. He told me to love Nakaima shimai and treat her as if I was the Savior Himself. I felt the Spirit so strongly when he said that. I am far from the Savior in perfect love and charity, but I am praying to become more like him and have more charity every day so I can love all those I`m around.
There were many teaching opportunities this past week. Maya is progressing! She kept her commitment to pray for the past week and she said she had a good feeling. She also started reading the Book of Mormon. She said it`s hard to understand and so we want to read it with her and help her apply what she reads, but since she`s in Koriyama we can only see her once a week. But I know the Lord placed her in our path.
   Today for p-day, all of us sisters came to sister Takase`s house and she fed us yakisoba and gave us massages and let us use her computer to e-mail. I am still here and she is massaging Nakaima shimai. She is so kind and I`m amazed at how much love these members show. We have dinner tonight with the Saito family and are doing FHE with them. The Saito family is probably the most inspiring family I`ve ever met in my life! They have 10 children and are so dedicated to the Gospel. The ALWAYS put the Lord first. Brother Saito is always sharing his testimony in every conversation and they always feed us and have us over. This is a family I for sure want to introduce my family to one day. I want to find a husband like brother Saito. He honors his Priesthood. I`ll never forget in our English class on Wednesday he was asked what his hobbies were. Everyone else had said things like sports and drawing, then brother Saito was asked. He said, “I love to read the Scriptures“, infront of all these non-member english class students.
    Nakaima shimai and I got to ride back to Aizu with them from Koryima. We got in the car and ride before driving off, brother Saito turns to sister Saito and says in English, “I love you honey“. Haha! I had given him a commitment about a month ago to tell his wife, “I love you honey“ every day, because he said he never does because in his words “I`m bashful“. It was the cutest seen, and I recorded him saying I love you to sister Saito.
  He said from my commitment he hasn`t missed one day, and sister Saito said sometimes he says it more than once a day haha. I loved that!
I wish I could write more but we are off to get ready to go to the Saito family.We are setting up decorations for our Halloween party on Wednesday. Then we have another Halloween party on Friday in Koriyama. I have a costume and I`ll take lots of pictures 😉
 Love you!

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