October 5, 2014

As a mission, we are focussing a lot on service. This past week we went to play basketball with some special needs young adults. They are all pretty there physically and some have only a slight mental disability. It was a ton of fun! I hadn`t played basketball in forever and so ofcourse doing running drills my leg starts cramping. I thought, “Wow I am so out of shape!“
  I really do miss sports and being more active. Riding a bikea little bit every day is not enough, but we do get to play tennis next week with brother Takase! He is taking us next Monday with all the missionaries!
We went to the Takase family for dinner on Friday night. One sister from the mission who just ended last week came for dinner with her mom. This is crazy but sister Ono`s mom grew up in Washington and guess where she went to school and highschool! Carnation!!! She is 47 right now so I don`t know if anyone would know her. I don`t know her first name but last name is Ono. It was fun eating with Sister Ono and her mom and brother and sister Takase.
    An experience I loved fom this past was going to less active sister Tani`s house. We gave her the commitment last week to pray every day for one week. Sister Tanis a nurse and works a lot on Sundays and from there became busy and stopped reading her scriptures and praying. She has forgotten her testimony. But when we visited she told us that she wants to have a closer relationship with Heavenly Father and wants her family to be closer. We showed her a video on faith and prayer. From that she said she felt the Spirit and wants to change. My favorite part wasn`t my companion or I testifying, but listening to sister Tani`s sweet prayer.
   Saying “Ai shi te imasu“ (I love you) is rarely said by the Japanese. It is only said to a wife, husband or very close family. Well, in sister Tani`s prayer, she paused and said, “Heavenly Father, ai shi te imasu“. It was the first time I`ve heard a Japanese person tell Heavenly Father they love Him in a prayer. It was so sincere and I felt the Spirit so strong. We want to keep meeting with sister Tani to help her to keep remembering her testimony and grow closer to the Lord.
   There was a foreign festival in Aizu that we volunteered at this week! It was fun to see many from different countries. There were mostly Japanese, but a few Americans and Africans, Chinese and Koreans. About 4,000 came! Our booth was the garbage! Haha we greeted people as they threw away their garbage in the correct bins. Even though we weren`t allowed to preach, at least people could see our name tags and our smiling faces.
Sorry no pictures this week ;( The pictures won`t load. But I`ll send some next time!!!!
I am excited to watch GC on Saturday and Sunday!

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