November 2, 2014

Transfer Call Came!!!

Guess what!

Usually transfer calls would come Sunday morning or Saturday night, but mine came Friday night at 10:27pm! President Smith only talked to me saying,
   “Well Butler Shimai, the other three sisters are returning home which leaves you alone…you will be staying in Aizu your last transfer as STL with Kodama shiami“.
I was so happy I can`t even express how grateful I felt. Now here`s the miracle!
I wondered if my time would end as STL, since I`d been STL the past 4 transfers. I wondered if I would leave Aizu and they would close having sisters there. I had been praying the whole past week that this last transfer of my mission I would be with a sister where we could work hard and have love in our companionship. When I thought of all the Japanese sisters, sister Kodama kept coming to my mind. She is the sweetest Japanese sister I know! She would always hug me and was always so kind to me. I remember the first time I met Kodama shimai in January I thought, “I would be so lucky to be companions with her!“.
   My dream came true! I know Heavenly Father knew my desires and I feel so blessed!
So many things are changing in Aizu now that there will only be two sisters instead of four.
I know this will be my busiest transfer I`ve ever had! I am so excited!!!
My investigators just moved up to 4!
Maya, 24 years old, loves English. Nakaima shimai and I started teaching her FFEP (Free Family English Program) 30 min English/ 30 minutes Church message.
Katono san
Hoshi family: 26 year old wife, Izumi and 27 year old husband, Tatsuya and 4 year old daughter Yuna!
    I have been praying my WHOLE mission I would be able to teach a family, mother, father ,and child and Heavenly Father answered my prayer! I have already been around this family a lot, and taught my first lesson last week on Christ`s Atonement with Izumi. I have a special feeling about this family and believe that Kodama shimai and I have been placed to teach them and help them come unto Christ. I am excited to start teaching them!
Maya came to Church this Sunday in Koriyama! She is becoming good friends with the members! We went to Chruch in Aizu so we didn`t meet her but the members in Koriyama are so great and really fellow shipped Maya!
Katono first came to Eikaiwa in Koriyama  last month and then started having interest in what us “Missionaries“ are and why we`re in Japan. One of the Koriyama members invited her to have a lesson with the sisters and now she`s had about 3 lessons. She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying! I haven`t had a lesson with her yet because she was Johnson and Kushi shimai`s investigator but now Kodama shimai and I will start teaching her!
I`m excited to experience what it will be like living with just two sisters in an apartment. Since I`ve always lived with 4 in an apartment, I always thought it would be so lonely with just two. But after this last transfer and experiencing gossip, I am excited to have just two. I feel Kodama shimai and I will become really close. We will be having splits with the Iwaki sisters and Yamagata sisters, so we`ll be traveling a lot each week!
   I used to go to Koriyama to help with their Eikaiwa (English Class) every other Friday, but now we will be teaching kids class in Aizu every Wednesday and Koriyama kids class every Friday.
We also will still be doing service playing basketball with special needs young adults on every other Thursday and going to the Retirement homes for an hour each week.
   President Smith wants us to have at least 2 hours of pure community service each week, and we`re really lucky to have around 3 hours of service opportunity each week!
This past week was so fun!!!
First, Tuesday and Wednesday Nakaima shimai and I went to Sendai for MLC at the mission home! I learned so much and had a greater desire to be EXACTLY obedient. My goal this next transfer is to do my very best to be exactly obedient.
We also had two Halloween parties! One on Wednesday in Aizu and the other in Koriyama on Friday! We had a lesson with Maya before the party on Friday! She is progressing and praying with such sincerity. She said she has a worry and has been praying to Heavenly Father for help.
  We also had a Zone Training meeting on Friday where all the Iwaki missionaries came and the Zone Leaders gave us a training and Nakaima shimai and I also did a 25 minute training.
   We trained on being exactly obedient.
I want to write so much more but time is up! I am so excited to start off this new transfer with so many exciting new things! I know Kodama shimai and I will see many miracles together this last transfer of my mission!

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