November 9, 2014

First Week of My Last Transfer

All of us 4 sisters headed to Sendai Wednesday morning. I was a little nervous to meet my new companion but of course excited. As we entered the Train station, we saw where all the missionaries were gathered. I was so happy to see the sisters I was in the MTC with and we encouraged each other to do our best this last transfer. I saw many of my past companions, sister Iwahashi from Akita, sister Kanno from Hachinohe, sister Konishi from Morioka, and I saw my trainer who went home, sister Stevenson. She was smiling with excitement to go home and I hugged her congratulating her. She said “Freedom at last“. I just laughed and then I saw sister King from when we were in Morioka together! I cried when we hugged because she really has been my closest friend on the mission.

Then I saw my new companion sister Kodama and we hugged and I told her how my prayer was answered that I would get to work with her my last transfer in Aizu. And ever since we`ve been working hard!
As soon as we got to Aizu we prepared for Kids Eikaiwa and a new family came to Eikaiwa! A mom and two daughters, 7 and 11. There the Tsunoda`s. The next day Kodama shimai and I had lots of appoitments. We went to service at the Retirement home with the elders at 2pm, then rode to less active, sister Tachikawa and shared a message with active member sister Haga, then we rode to visit LA sister Otake and then rushed to FHE at the Church.
    Friday was even busier with teaching Izumi in the morning and having two lessons in Koriyama with Maya and Katono san.
Izumi`s lesson was focused on the importance of studying the Book of Mormon in building that relationship with Christ we all need. She mentioned how she feels she doesn`t really have a close relationship with Christ. Kodama shimai and I both feel we need to teach the Hoshi family as a FAMILY not just Izumi san, but Tatsuya always has work through out the week until late. We are going to try and commit this family to come to Church this month of Novemeber and read the BOM every day!
Investigator Maya is progressing! We taught her Joseph Smith and the Restoration. When we showed her a picture of Joseph Smith`s first vision, she said, “Wow, there`s two Gods!“. After explaining that both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith, she said she was impressed that they both appeared instead of just one. I hadn`t really thought that deeply about it but then realized that`s another testament of the importance of two witnesses.
   We have two eyes to witness that we can see. Two ears to witness we can hear. God gave us two of many things two symbolize the importance of two witnesses.
Our lesson with Katono san was more focused on listening to her concerns than teaching. I was a little disappointed we didn`t get to teach any doctrine since she only can meet once a week and won`t be able to meet for two weeks. She has only had 3 lessons and is up to reading 1 Nephi 16! She said she would continue to pray before reading and read focusing on the mentioning of Christ.
    In this lesson she mentioned twice how she feels there`s something about this Church and members she can`t describe. She told Kodama shimai, and I and the Koriyama member couple that were jointing how we have this special atmosphere about us. She said,
“When I come to this Church everyone is so happy and smile the same. There`s something different but I don`t know how to explain it. I always feel so good when I come.“
   I felt the spirit so strongly when she said this, because I knew that what she was seeing was the Light of Christ. I have heard others say this before in my life, but not the way Katono said it. She said how she wanted that special thing we have. I realized how open her heart is and how clearly she can define Truth and Light. Since we can`t meet we will txt her through out the week about the readings and just pray that she can have a spiritual experience as she continues to pray and read.
Last night all of us missionaries went to the Takase family`s home for dinner. Our investigators the Hoshi family, Izumi, Tatsuya and 3 year old Yuna were there! The elders gave a great spiritual message on gratitude. Returning missionary sister Gass was there with her brother who flew to spend a week with her in Japan. It was weird seeing Gass shimai with out her name tag and she said she still reaches for it when she introduces herself haha
  Sister Haga and her non-member husband Haga papa were there too! Kodama shimai and I came prepared with a message. We all read the meaning of Lehi`s dream of the Tree of Life and for the first time I saw Haga papa serious. He is super funny and always joking. I`d never see him serious when we`d share a message but this time I think he felt the Spirit. He said the opening AND closing prayer haha! He wanted to pray both times. He is not an investigator yet, but he reads the BOM with sister Haga every day before dinner. She won`t give him dinner until he reads a verse haha.
A lot of information on lessons from this past week but all in all Kodama shimai and I are busy, working hard and it`s a lot of fun with just us two in the apartment!
I love that we both have the same desire to be exactly obedient and same drive to work hard! I think this may be the first time I`ve had this kind of companionship where I feel we can work our hardest as a TEAM.
This past week`s FUN NEWS is we had a SPORTS NIGHT!!! MY FAVORITE!!!
It was by far the best sports night I`d ever been to, out of the very few on my mission. What was awesome was that brother Yoshito, a member, put it together instead of the missionaries. Many investigators, potential investigators, that new family, the Tsunoda`s, all came! We did lots of fun games and I noticed how happy I get after running around. I was so bubbly and realized I hadn`t done something active like that in a LONG time.
I`ll send a few pictures of the Sports Night. We did a relay for one acitvity, where we ran around the gym and had to spin in place and then grab candy with your mouth from a string, it was so fun!
  The best part was Kodama shimai and I got the Tsunoda`s number and they want to do Free Family English Program where we can teach them the Gospel!!!
I believe faith will move mountains. We might need to start alone by first gathering the dirt from the mountain and moving it to one place. But soon enough others will come to help move the dirt piles too and little by little that mountain will move!
Butler shimai

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