November 23, 2014


The earthquake was shaky but I wasn`t scared. I`ve experienced so many little one`s it doesn`t phase me anymore. But this past one was a little bigger than most. We were in the Church with the elders having a meeting and the building started to shake. We all went silent and waited for it to pass and then just kept on talking as if it was no big deal haha. In America we would defintiely be talking about it but we`re all used to it I guess haha.
The clock is ticking and every little second counts at this point of my mission!
I can`t believe I only have 3 weeks left in Aizuwakamatsu!
I am so excited to see Hirano san`s baptism on December 6th! I at least get to see one more baptism before I go home! He`s the investigator the elders are teaching that Nakaima shimai and I found housing. He has been truly converted to Christ and it`s been amazing to see!
This past week we had our first lesson with our new investigators, the Tsunoda family! The two cute daughters, Noa and Chihaya loved the lesson! Noa who`s 11, has  a little kids Bible picture book that she ran and got during our lesson to show us. She has read about the Bible stories since she was little and that was cool to see! We have a lesson with them tongiht and they are going to feed us dinner! We will be teaching them on Thursday too!
Kodama shimai and I went to Yamagata to do a split with the sisters there on Tuesday and came back Wednesday. Then the sisters from Iwaki came on Thursday to Friday for a split with us!
The Thursday`s split was so great with Moon Shimai! I remember when I was in Akita exactly one year ago and Moon shimai was my STL at that time. Now I`m her STL. She has always been an inspirational sister missionary to me. We had lots of lessons together on Thursday. We taught Hirano san her second lesson and sister Takase came to do a member joint! It reminded me once again how important it is to always have a member present in the lesson. The lessons are always much more powerful! We shared about the Plan of Salvation.
   It seemed like this past week`s theme has been Plan of Salvation haha! I gave a talk yesterday in Church on the Plan of Salvation. Before my mission I felt like I would really ponder and take a long time to prepare my talks. I would write down a lot of the time word for word what I felt I should say. But now I feel like I can get up with out any notes, just my Scriptures, and share what I`ve prepared heartfully more than before, even though it`s in a different language! I feel like I have more confidence speaking infront of others when I speak in Japanese! haha, I never thought that would happen!
I was able to translate during church for brother Bochi, who`s from Germany. Sister Bochi his his Japanese wife and brother Bochi doesn`t speak any Japanese, just German and English. I used to be really nervous translating because I would mess up and it didn`t sound like natural English. But from being able to sit behind brother Bochi in Sacrament Meeting and translate, I`ve noticed I`ve come to even put enthusiasm and expression in my translating haha. Brother Bochi turned around after and gave me a German candy and said, “You`re very good at translating“ in his cool German accent.
  We have two  more splits this week, Tuesday through Friday. I can`t believe Thursday`s split with Arashiyama shimai will be my last split!
I am excited for this next week! Many exciting lessons planned! We have a girl named Maki from Koriyama who wants to take the lessons! We have our first lesson with her on Friday!!!
Miracles are everywhere.
I love the Lord and I am so grateful for your prayers and love.

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