November 30, 2014

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!!
I actually didn`t remember until the day OF Thanksgiving that it was Thanksgiving haha. We had a meeting with our District and I my assignment was to teach an English lesson for the 3 Japanese missionaries in our District. Once I remembered it was Thanksgiving I decided I`d teach them on the meaning and traditions of the Holiday. I got up and said, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!“
All the American elders paused and said, “OH, that`s today?! I totally forgot!“ It was funny we all had forgotten but we all took turns saying what we were thankful for.
    I feel so blessed to be here in Aizu and also have investigators in Koriyama. The Lord is blessing Kodama shimaia and I to be teaching lots of investigators and finding new investigators. This is the most teaching and finding I`ve seen my whole mission,and with only 2 weeks left! I feel so blessed and I know the Lord trusts Kodama shimai and I.
   We have 7 invesigators! We are teaching two families, the Hoshi family and the Tsunoda`s. We had a lesson with the Tsunoda`s twice this past week! They kept their commitment to pray as a family everyday. Little Chihaya and Noa love praying! Chihaya especially. She shoots her hand straight up when we say, “Who wants to pray?“. The father was in town from work this week and so he was present for both lessons! He sat quietly and listened. Both Kodama shimai and I were happy that he is a father who has joy in his daughters learning about God. Little by little this family is progressing and I feel great things are ahead for them.
   We have a new investigator! Maki! I mentioned her last week, but she`s 20 years old and asked us last week, “So, how can I become a missionary?“ Since then she has had two lesson and is reading the Book of Mormon and said her first prayer at the end of yesterday`s lesson. She said in her prayer, “I want to come closer to Christ“. I was amazing!
   I had a humbling experience this past week.
   Kodama shimai and I both have struggled somewhat with companionship study. It seemed to always have an off feeling and I felt like I was being prideful. One morning this week after companionship and just feeling frustrated we couldn`t have a unified companionship study, I went to the other room and prayed. I felt that I needed to throw away my pride and just say “sorry“. I went back to the other room after a while and put my arms around Kodama shimai and just said, “I`m sorry I was so prideful“. Then Kodama shimai`s heart was softened and she apoligized saying she felt that she had been prideful. Later we had weekly planning and doing companionship inventory we opened up our feelings of wanting to have better companionship study and be more unified in teaching.
    Kodama shimai is so skilled at teaching, and I love watching her teach. Sometimes we both would talk too long and the other companion`s pride would be hurt. I realized I was prideful and told Kodama shimai how sorry I was and I want to be more humble. We both felt the Spirit as we decided we would pray every morning together as soon as the alarm hit 6:30am. Our companionship has always been great, we just needed to have a better companionship study and teach in unity more. I have felt our companionship blossom even more through being open and loving with Kodama shimai! I am so grateful to be her companion!!!
    Once again, I learned that I need to throw away my pride and be humble. I have learned my whole mission that I am always improving and even though I am far from perfect I can always become better through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Every day I can change and become better!
I studied a talk this past week titled, “Bewar of Pride“ by President Ezra Taft Benson. I have read this talk almost every transfer of m mission, but this time something really stuck out to me,
“Unity is impossible for a proud people“
I also loved studying this past General Conference talk “Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority“ by Elder Scott.
   He talked about prayer and how we should never believe Satan`s lie that we don`t have time to study the Scriptures. We need to CHOOSE to make time.
The same goes with Family Home Evening. We need to CHOOSE to make time for family every Monday. I remember after studying “The Family, A Procolamation to the World“ in my Family Foundations class at BYU-Idaho 3 years ago, that I made the commitment I would do FHE every Monday with my own family.
We have FHE every Thursday for the single members and this week was hilarious! We played a gesture game and brother Kuriki was trying to pass the gesture of a “Zoo“ to brother Ichikawa. He was jumping up and down flapping his arms and wiggling, it was so funny we all could barel breath we were laughing so hard. I don`t think watching Japanese people doing gesture games will ever get old.
Two more weeks to go!!! I go to Sendai this week for MLC and we have a 30 minute training at Zone Training Meeting on Thursday. Lot`s of lessons planned! we are praying we can set a baptismal date with one of our investigators!
Butler shimai

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