December 7, 2014

Last Week of my mission has COME!

This past week was a lot of fun!
     Tuesday and Wednesday was my last MLC as Sister Training Leader in Sendai. I had many great experiences and I want to tell you all about them!
The first great experience was regarding Family History! My whole mission I`ve been searching for my Satou family. Anytime I meet a Satou I ask where their family roots are from. Well, On Tuesday in Sendai Kodama shimai and I went to City Hall and did one more check. They couldn`t find anything on Tora Masuzawa. I`ve gone to the City Hall in Aizuwakamatsu and in Sendai but there`s no information. Then the miracle! Wednesday`s MLC meeting, a brother Sugimoto came to talk about Family History. He encouraged us all to make a “My Family“ booklet. After his presentation I was so pumped to do Family History! I talked to him after about how I`ve been trying to find my great grandpa shichijuro Satou who was born in Fukushima-ken. He looked up the information on his computer and told me that he`d send me information.
   My great grandpa shichijuro immigrated in 1905 to Honalu-lu Hawaii at the age of 17 and had 7 children, one of them being my grandma Eyoko. The interesting reason grandpa Shichijuro immigrated is because of the rice famine. There was so rice and little food during that time and many immigrated to have better living. I hope brother Sugimoto can find some information!
  Tuesday evening all of us Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders gathered and went caroling to many Less Actives in Sendai. Brother Heaton, who`s director of the MTC, flew all the way from Provo to join us! He served in Fukouka many years ago and was in the same mission with President Smith. I remember he spoke my first Sunday at the MTC. It was fun seeing him again His daughter ends her mission this week and so that was the main reason he came to Japan. She served in her dad`s same mission! Brother Heaton was in my caroling group. Everyone switched companions, and I was with sister Smith (who lived with me one transfer in Akita!).
The LA family we visited welcomed us right in as soon as we started singing. We all shared with the Tauta family a message that Jesus Christ lives. The miracle was when we sat in their home and talked and laughed with them, they shared that they want to change and become better. In their own words, “I want to be clean“.
    It was amazing to me that we visited this family at the very moment they needed us.
Wednesday for our training, brother Heaton gave us a training. He focused on planning. He said, “Focus on people, not appointments“.
  I think this can apply to all aspects of life. Life is richer and more full when we forget ourselves and focus on others and their happiness.
Kodama shimai and I had lots of lessons planned this last week…all 5 of them canceled last minute! They were all scheduled for Thursday, so our plans changed to finding. During lunch time that afternoon Kodama shimai and I were eating what last food we had, cabbage, tuna…Kodama shimai boiled cabbage and put in the meat. We ate like a poor little couple haha. Kodama shimai was looking depressed as we ate and said, “I used to look forward to lunch and now I`m sick of it“. I told her we should buy more food on p-day and she just looked irrated. I wondered how I could cheer her up. Then after lunch, while washing the dished Kodama shimai came to me and said, “I`m so bored with everything“ in a depressed voice. I swung around and gave her a huge hug saying,
   “Today with be different! We`ll do everything different than how we ususally do!“
She got a huge smile on her face and we started to race washing the dishes to see how fast we could do it. Before I knew it we were laughing and the whole mood changed. I realized that when feeling down, show love! Laughter and play makes sadness go away! No, I did not mean for that to rhyme.
  After we were joking and laughing, we rode our bikes happy, instead of down. We were excited to go greet people on the street and share the Gospel. If things would have been down like before our whole day would`ve been different. I love Kodama shimai and I`m so happy she is playful and fun! It makes everything brighter!
Saturday was Hirono`s baptism!!!
It was wonderful! I know Hirono felt the Spirit and talking to him after I encouraged him to write down his experience in his journal. He said, “I don`t have a journal“. So I am going to get him one before I leave!
He received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and it was really special!
Well, this last week many fun things planned! CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE is tomorrow in Yamagata!!! We take a bus tonight to head up there. I remember last ZC was so special!

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