We’re Engaged!

So Friday, February 28, I had written the “Love Story” post. Little did I know that Alex would propose two days later on Sunday, March 1!

We're Engaged!

So how’d he do it? In the most perfect way!

It was Sunday evening. Alex and I were at his parents house in Idaho Falls. Alex said he wanted to do some family history at the Visitor’s center by the Temple. We jumped in his truck to head over. Once we walked in the Visitor’s Center, there were sister missionaries happily greeting us. They asked why we’d come, and Alex said to do some family history. One of the sisters said, “Oh we have a new movie on family history we’d love to show you!”. I do love movies, so after listening to the Cristus in Japanese, we headed to the little theater room in the back.

The two sister missionaries gave a little spiritual thought before playing the movie, pushed play, and left the theater saying, “enjoy!”.

As soon as the movie started I knew Alex had made it. It was videos and pictures from when we’d first met in Fall of 2012 all the way to just a few weeks earlier! He’d made our love story into a little movie and I loved it! After it ended Alex got up and said, “There’s still more”. He got down on his knee and began to tell me what I mean to him. As we’re both crying, he asks me to marry him. I say “yes” of course, and as we’re hugging Alex says,

“You’re mom’s watching this all by the way”.

“What?!” I thought. Alex told me in the little tree behind us in the corner was a GoPro camera Alex’s dad had set up so that we could have it all on video. That’s exactly what I’d dreamed of since a little girl, having my proposal taped! Now you probably want to see the proposal video. If you come to our reception July 18, in Eugene, Oregon – or August 1 in Idaho Falls, Idaho – you’ll definitely see it!

As we came out of the room, 6 sister missionaries came surrounding me with hugs and congratulations. They had helped Alex with the proposal and were probably so excited to say they helped a marriage proposal on their missions, I mean I’d be! I was so surprised when we came home to a nice, fancy dinner made by Alex’s mom, Debbie. It was so fun that Alex’s parents were involved in the proposal as well!

Alex is always so thoughtful in whatever he does, and this was just all too perfect!

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