A Great Confrence Weekend! 総大会は素晴らしかった!

I was so excited to see President and sister Rasmussen at the Sendai Japan Mission Reunion on Friday. We all gathered in a Church building in Salt Lake City, Utah. It seemed like I’d just seen everyone not too long ago. When Alex came it was fun introducing him to other missionary friends I’d admired on the mission.

Then Alex and I drove with his brother and mom to his other brother’s house to spend the weekend with their family. Alex and I woke up early Saturday morning to go take our engagement pictures! Alex’s brother, Anthony, did a great job taking our pictures. We took them out by Utah Lake right as the sun was coming up.

I had really tried to prepare for Conference by coming with personal questions. One of my questions was related to how I can prepare to be a righteous wife and mother. It seemed like so many of the talks were about family and the importance of parenthood.

“Mature love has a bliss not even imagined by newly weds”-President Packer

Saturday afternoon Alex and I took the train into Salt Lake and I got to see my good friend Emily Briggs from Jerusalem study abroad 2 years ago. I told Alex on the way to meet up with Emily, “Let’s pray we can run into some Japanese people”. Sure enough, when Alex and I got to the Cristus in the Visitor’s Center on Temple Square, I started to hear the Cristus being played in Japanese. I started to turn around and saw a Japanese family. I went up to them and said, “Are you from Japan?” They said yes and didn’t speak any English. The one grandma started to wipe her eyes as I told her I’d just gotten back from serving a mission in Japan. She took my hand with tears in her eyes saying, “Arigato gozai masu”. I was touched by that little miracle. Heavenly Father will always grant us little tender mercies through out the day.

Alex and I met up with Livia, my good friend from Brazil and her boyfriend Kevin. It was Alex’s first time going to a session. It was a wonderful session and the music was beautiful. Easter Sunday was full of fun as Alex’s mom prepared an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids. I thought of my Savior and how grateful I am for all He’s done for me. He lives!


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